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No ranking / not in order (except the Star Trek ones, by them selves:))......and ofcource ive forgotten a few and there is allso a couple of great ones that even I havent watched yet(Like House MD/Suits) The list is under making, so it aint all;) (allso written a little note about every serie);) (ive seen many MANY more series then this and many of them are very good aswell, but not enough for this list;))

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List isnt finished and will be edited......// In order!! This is how I rank them yes, but feel free to comment and I will tell you why your favorite aint on the list;)

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The clothes, the music, the strange and wonderful behavoir, the colors, the style, the dancing, the love, the sex.....1980s flicks!!! (No ranking / not in order)

This aint a list that tries to find the best, its all about the movies that catches the feeling Im aiming for, for those care free days. There might even be some movies from the 70s/90s/?s turning up on list that allso provides that 80s feeling. But just beeing made during the 80s doesnt mean it will end up on this it?;)

The list isnt finished, far from it.......
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These are the episodes ive ranked 8.5 or higher, my absolut favorites of the epic Star Trek saga. TOS is not included because it has never been my thing......

The list wasnt supposed to be this long but when I started it, it went like "I got to have that one, and that one, and that......and if I have that one I got to have this one"......well, there are many MANY really good episodes of Star Trek;)

First out is my favorite of the Treks, Deep Space nine. Many of my favorite episodes involves alot of Quark/Garek and the dominian threat........

Next up is Enterprise, this show probably has the overall highest episode rate of them all. Alot of my fav. episods include my all time Star Trek Character Dr. Phlox;)

After that Voyager appears. And ofcource many of my favorite episodes involves The Doctor/Janeway/Neelix and 7 of 9......
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Not in order. List is under making.....;)