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I can't wait to watch these movies next year.


Happy New Year :) and what a year of great movies to watch.

As the year moves along I will place updates and comments on the movies I've watched.

Last update 2014. seems so long ago.
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I have deceided to make 2 lists. First list will be the games that I enjoyed in single player mode and the second list is for the games i love to play in multiplayer mode(online).

Here is my Top 22 favourite games. The ranking is based on the level of entertainment value gained from playing the game and how memorable the experience was.
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I have included here some of my anime favourites with western cartoon shows.

I would like to add a link to another list that provided me the inspiration to do my list, thanks evilmonkeysnamedjoareatt.
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This is the best of the bunch in my book. I definately recommend my top 5 picks highly.
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With much anticipation and fanfare before their releases, these games ended up not being all they were cracked up to be.
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Remakes, that shouldnt have been made. Sequels that didnt live up to the first movie. And movies where the trailer was much better than the movie itself. I just included this year and last year, if i started from 2000 then this list might reach a 100.
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This list is based on hours played as the measure of how much I like these games.

The latest games have now a meter (on steam) to show how much you have played but for the games from the late 90's and early 2000 are estimations.
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