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Bloody Murder (2000) (V)
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Terrible, but funny, 26 April 2004

This movie is possibly the worst slasher movie ever made along with Jason X and some others. It is so cliche, predictable, confusing and the acting is terrible. But because of all of this, I own it and watch it with my friends when we want to laugh. But the thing is it is not supposed to be funny. And is it just me or does the ending not make sense at all? And why the f*** did these people just not leave the camp? Also it was such a rip-off of Friday The Thirteenth that I am suprised they didn't get sued. I do not reccomend this movie to anyone unless you like laughing at how badly done some movies are like I do sometimes. And I did watch the sequel, don't ask me why, and it is much better, but still not saying much at all.

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Zetus Lopetus!, 1 December 2003

This has the best lines like major. It is so good, zetus lopetus, go see it now. Anyone who hasn't seen it is totally minor. The costumes are great and original major! Raven and the blonde girl show so much promise in their future, so llok out, because they will become the next Oprah Winfreys or Bill Clintons like major!

Chicago (2002)
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The songs amazing, acting amazing, dancing amazing!, 1 December 2003

This is the surprise hit of the year. It was so good, everyone was phenominal in it! I loved everyone in it and everything about it (except for Richard Gere). So see it now if you haven't already, you'd be crazy not to.

Ebb Tide (1932)
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Best movie I have ever seen!, 27 November 2003

This is a beautiful movie. Joan Barry's performance, it's just riveting. My breath is taken away when I even begin to think about this movie. Giving it a 10, well there's not even a number for what this movie deserves! A must buy/watch!