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RANDOM. Some are movie stars, some TV stars. Some are A-List and some are B-List, but, a film or TV show needs them equally anyway.
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Sometimes it's the looks, sometimes it's the acting style, sometimes it's the personality, the vibe. These are the ones I think are accurate.
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Sometimes they are typecast, sometimes they have terrible agents and/or managers, and sometimes they just vanish. People are normally not objective with these actors, and it becomes a vicious circle.
More to come...
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Not everybody nowadyas can pull this off. So this is my idea of a number of actors who could play, with grace, talent and class, a great film noir.
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You can't deny that all these women, and many other missing, look much better than they did ten or more years ago, unlike men. If you say that they use fillers, plastic surgery and all, I have got news for you: if that is the case, you can be 100% sure that male actors do it as well, which means that that is not the answer. So, guys, hit the gym, eat better and moisturize because women will look great with time and will always look for a younger man. Remember that scene from 'Alfie'? Well, it's not fiction.
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