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And what's with that beard, Crowley????, 13 November 2011

OK we had our fun, took a nice 2 episodes break from this whole Leviathans thing, but hey - quit fooling around and go back to business. There is work to be done and we need some action. Go and Kick some big bed Leviathans' asses... But for the meanwhile i got to ask - which one of the show producers lost enough money in Wall-street to locate it even under Hell? Not that it is completely baseless :-) The best quota of the episode belongs of course to my favorite demon Crowley, that manged to make the fact of hell being just a bit better then Stock-market pretty logical: "This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity." couldn't agree more, Crowley - and i really missed you but please dude... TAKE THAT STUPID BEARD OFF!!!!

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Fresh wind in mid-season!, 5 November 2011

OK we really needed that break-time!! No Leviathans, no new ways of cooking/eating/chewing people, not even Bobby's knocking-off-the-chair quotes... Just pure fun Sam&Dean's time, proving who really runs this show. Don't get me wrong - It's not that i have something against this whole people-eating thing - or i wouldn't be watching that show... But this episode was refreshing, touching the endless question of 'are there really supernatural beings?' (well OF COURSE there are, you faithless skeptic! what have we been trying to say for 6.5 seasons??? Oh and don't forget the Bible - Can't get more spiritual then that....) Most of all, the case in this episode was a simple "burn the bones" case - so Sam and Dean could think about the really important stuff - their problems. Here's a newsflash boys: You got innumerable issues, but at least you manage to solve one... only a zillion more to go! Good luck with that :-) BTW - i know I've said it before but...WHERE THE HELL IS CAS????

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detergents and demons, 30 October 2011

First - i must say this one thing: God I missed Crowley! Out of all demons in all TV shows he is my favorite. (except for Damon Salvatore of course, but hey - he's a vamp so it doesn't count...)Nothing you can do about it - Crowley succeeds in a most impossible mission: making the king of hell a sympathetic character... and this is not an easy thing to do. I think it's the Scottish accent or just the scotch... Where was his bottle this time, BTW? And now seriously: it is symbolic that the only hope we get after six episode of unbeatable monsters is given to us by the two lowest things on earth: janitors and demons. A woman scrubbing the floor gives Bobby the solution he could have never find on his own (cause obviously he never cleans...), and Crowley turns on humans side in a blink of a Leviathan's eye... Oh - dear Mr. show creator: Please note that for us - audience, fans or whatever u call us - the old rain coat Dean pulled out of the lake couple of episodes ago is no compensation to Castiel's absence. We want our angle back - and we want him now! So please tell god to do something about it. thank you.

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Elena finally makes women proud..., 29 October 2011

At that episode Elane finally discovers she is not just a pathetic young girl in love with an extremely unstable man, but a woman who can actually say what she want and do something for it! I liked the fact she found enough courage to see Stefan suffers without turning her face and cry (well - at list not to much...). Stefan - like all men sometimes has to be trained, or in his case re-trained :-)... Hope it is all going to be helpful, cause i miss the sensitive Stefan. Liked him a lot better then this guy. For Damon - he is just great being himself: sweet and cruel. it is funny to realize after 3 seasons that he is the more stable and reliable brother out of the two. It is not something one could see at the first season, but it's nice to know what to expect when it comes to Damon - in the limits of his in-expected (sometimes deadly) reactions. Nice touch regarding the spirits thing - but i missed some information about Mikael and Katherine. What are they up to in the meanwhile?

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The funniest episode so far, 27 October 2011

This episode is defiantly the most amusing episode so far, maybe out of all 4 seasons... Merlin is getting better and better as he grows to be more confident with the relation he has with his prince (now king)and it really is good for both of the characters. Loved the pants scene,the 2 woodworm's scenes, and the dragon birth at the end especially since Colin can cry in such a persuading way... BTW - waiting for Gwen to become Arthur's Queen... where was she in that episode? I would like to see Arthur keeps his promise at list to her, since his promise to treat magic differently then Uther did is somehow not working... so far... Thank you!