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The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs (2013)
Season 3, Episode 16
Below expectations
2 April 2013
What a disappointment. The beginning of the season was good, but second half - nearly a disaster, and it all finished with one of the worst episodes ever.

I really like Morrissey, but his character in the show was transformed from insidious leader to a psychopathic and revengeful jerk. Woodbury, which could become a second group of survivors, equally interesting, is in fact a group of faceless sheeps. Michonne - a unique and odd personality - in the last several episodes is as plain as everybody else.

The development of the final episode was slow and predictable, several times I expected that creators will surprise us, but they haven't. I don't understand why they need walkers in this show, if all the main characters are doing - is walking around and talking.
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Criminal Minds: Zugzwang (2013)
Season 8, Episode 12
Very poor plot
21 January 2013
Ending was the only part worth watching in this episode. The rest was simply poor and very, very trivial. Well, Michelle Trachtenberg was nice, and did everything she could to look psychopathic. Matthew Gray Gubler delivered his part as gracefully as usual. But. The plot was a disaster, so predictable and plain, and totally unbelievable! It was stupid from the beginning, when Reid first heard about stalker and did not do anything about it, but it got much more stupid with all the soapy garbage like "you will never have HIM" or "and now tell her you don't love her". I wanted to hide under my bed from all these pathetics. I love the show, and season 8 is good, and I will just try to wipe this episode out of my memory.
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Major Crimes (2012– )
Good start
15 August 2012
I was thinking whether to watch or not MAJOR CRIMES, and yes, I am gonna watch! Traditionally, quite a lot of humor. And, as in first episodes of THE CLOSER - conflict between the department and the new boss. This time conflict is deeper, I believe, and the scene between Provenza and Raydor was very intense. I was always fond of cap. Raydor both because she is played by Mary McDonnell and because she is such a pain in the ass. She is so cold-blooded and determined sometimes, and than next moment you can see her confusion and doubts - as with Rusty storyline here, which I liked very much, and I'm looking forward to see, what happens next with the boy.

I'm also curious, if Raydor's passion to the rules will ease with time, or if she'll have to break the rules one day, may be? And if there will be a situation, when she will not agree to negotiate plea bargain... All of this could be interesting twists in the plot and could enhance drama.
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