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Almost Abusive, 2 June 2013

This is not so much entertainment as a classic example of why everyone involved in reality TV needs a really good agent and a really good lawyer. This is a show exploiting a phenomenally simple/uneducated guy, manipulating him into doing and saying what E! thinks will make money. It's pretty near adult-abuse.

A previous reviewer says: "Anyone who complains about this show clearly expects waay too much out of it. Coming in, I knew it was just something light-hearted that's not meant to raise anyone's IQ...and I was okay with that." To that I reply: it is highly unlikely that anyone at all viewed this show with high expectations. Most will have heard his promo TV interview wherein he was asked by way of warming up: "So what would Ryan Lochte do?" and he couldn't answer. I watched it with this in mind so no, my expectations weren't too high, and I held little hope of "raising my IQ". I do, however, have a basic standard for "light entertainment" - as you should - and this is not that. This is a train crash where you either cringe and change the channel (if you have any decency), you keep watching and revel in the gore (if you're into laughing at others' misfortune/inadequacy), or you simply relate to brain-dead low-IQ interactions and you enjoy it because it's on your level.

If you're into train crashes or lobotomies, this if for you. Othewise, take the quick route, watch Lochte's promo interview for this show on You Tube then use the time watching paint dry instead (you're unlikely to increase your IQ, but unlike watching this show, you're probably not going to lose any either).

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Quirky and Original, 13 August 2011

I was lucky enough to go to the Christchurch premiere of this lovely, quirky, low-budget movie. Essentially a romantic comedy, it was shot in Christchurch before the earthquakes and features lots of great local footage. It follows the trials and fantasies of Phil, a geeky university student trying to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. The "dream" sequences are well-interspersed and often hilarious, as are the attempts of help by his well-meaning but flawed friends.

Low budget movies need a compelling, well-paced script as well as great characters and characterisation. This movie has those elements in spades. Hosrt Chen brings the perfect mix of naivety and "dreaminess" to the role of Phil. Outstanding are the counter-balanced odd couple of Matt Nati (Jason) and Anna Dediu(Florentine). Jordan Edgar (Paul) brings the perfect comedic elements, well-timed throughout; and Julia Guthrey's dream-girl sequences, though few, are believable and captivating.

The pacing is really well-done for a feature movie, with great editing, direction and production, especially for a first-time movie. Hopefully it won't be the last, can't wait to see more to come from this team and look forward to getting this movie on DVD!