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Without a doubt one of the greatest movies ever made., 30 May 2004

I am a very tough critic, and most movies are nothing but incredible disappointments for me. However, Joe vs. the Volcano is a movie that I can honestly say is a cinematic masterpiece. When people call this a romantic comedy, they are committing a great injustice to this film. That is not to say that there is not romantic comedy in the story, but to say that it is the point of the film is monumentally short sighted. The real story in Joe vs. the Volcano is about coming to terms with yourself, finding that spark that we spend our lives searching for. It is about discovering our humanity and what that entails. Normally, this would end up being pretentious and sophomoric crap, but because the heavy subject matter is taken so lightly, we are treated to a modern fairy tale that runs the gamut in terms of emotional impact. The performances are stellar and to this day I have never enjoyed Tom Hanks more, the direction pays tribute to classic films with cinephillic glee, and the soundtrack is simply superb. 10 out of 10!

Paradosis (1999)
It's no Chasing the Elephant but it's a Good Film, 15 March 2004

T-Dog... you have to get Elephant to some festivals so it can win and get noticed and get on here. Paradosis... what can I say. It's a well made film. I'm still not sure what it's about, but then again Trevor likes to tell unconventional stories in unconventional ways. The direction is spot on and the music works synergistically in a humorous way. The cinematography is good. The amount of tones they were able to capture is impressive and the shots are well thought out. I remember one scene in particular in an alley way that just had magnificent lights and darks (it's shot in Black and White). All in all, it's a very good short film but not Trevor's best... that would be Chasing the Elephant.

"FLCL" (2000)
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Not Only the Best Anime Ever... This is One of the Best Movies Ever Made, 15 March 2004

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It would be hard for me to say anything about this show/mini-series/movie that has not already been said before me in a much more eloquent manner. I first saw Episode 2 on Adult Swim during the summer and for probably half an hour after it ended, I just sat in front of the television with my jaw on the floor. I just couldn't believe that something so beautiful could exist. For the remainder of its stay on Adult Swim, I watched and re-watched each and every episode and fell more and more in love with it. Sure, the in jokes were fun. Sure, I loved how it just took crack after merciless crack at pop-culture, from the matrix bullet time "You mean you guys are actually holding your breath?" joke to the family making a huge mecha robot into a maid in the name of Karl Marx. But what really got me was that underneath all of that... this is a story about growing up. It's about that brief amazing moment of change that we all dread, standing on the threshold and having to be pushed over because none of us are ever confident to take the step ourselves. This is what FLCL is truly about. The first time I saw the conclusion of this series, I cried myself to sleep knowing that someone out there understood the feeling.

Monster (2003)
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This is What Film Making is all About, 14 March 2004

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I cannot say enough good things about this movie. It is what film is all about. This had to be one of the most human stories I have ever seen. Most movies about serial killers either paint them out to be pure evil or misunderstood. Monster showed Aileen to be just another person who screwed up. Some feel that this was sympathetic to Aileen. It may have been, but I saw it less as a justification of her actions and more as an attempt to see Aileen as more than simply a "female murderer". Any justification for Aileen's actions came more from her own head then from the film. The first man she killed seemed justified as self defense. However, the rest of the men she killed for their money and her justification that she knew they were rapists and bad men was obviously her attempt to ease her guilt. Charlize Theron gave an amazing performance that truly made Aileen believable. Christina Ricci is really the underrated gem of this piece though. As Selby, she perfectly portrayed a young woman trying to be an adult yet unable to make her own decisions. She was horrified that Aileen was killing these men but at the same time she would complain to her that she needed money. The cinematography was incredible. I was amazed that they were able to hold a scene on pretty much one shot and not become dull. The seeming simplicity is in reality a huge accomplishment. The only real complaint I could have is with the soundtrack which at times betrayed the emotional impact of the scene and made what could have been a powerful moment feel a bit cheesy, and the last shot which just felt contrived. Other than that, this film is for me, a tribute to the craft. 9/10