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These are my personal favorites. Movies I absolutely love. Starting with my all time favortie and going down. As you can tell, I do have some favortie directors, the most obvious being Tim Burton.
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They may not be the best movies ever and they may be unconventional, but they are defiantly all heart. (No placement order, just alphabetical)
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This list does NOT include movies that are so bad they are entertaining. This is just simply horrible, god awful movies. Starting with the slightly god awful and moving down into the worst of the worst.
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Self explanitory, but you will notice there are a couple names missing. Stanley Kubrick, I HATE. George Lucas, even though I love the original Star Wars and I think he is a great story writer, he is an aweful screenplay writer and a terrible director. James Cameron because he's turned into such a money grubbing loser. And David Fincher, whose movies ARE good, but not half as good as everyone makes them out to be.
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Which title wins out for me in all the remakes I have seen. In no particular order. *SPOILER ALERTS* If you have not seen the original movie or remake, I will be giving away story details that pretain to why one is better or worse in my opinion. (#48-78, explinations coming soon)
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Ok, so people may disagree with me here, but all these are movies I've seen that are SO bad I was entertained by them. Starting off with the slightly bad and moving up to the worst, and funest to watch.
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Wether it be because it is badly presented by the actor, or just badly written, here's the worst dialgue I've ever heard . Starting with the bad and going to the worst of the worst. (Feel free to suggest some you think are equally bad)