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An utter waste of time
22 October 2011
The only positive thing about my experience of watching this film is that it was at a friends house and as such, cost me nothing...

But I'd still like 154 minutes of my life back! This film is cheesy, tack and stretches suspension of belief WAY past breaking point. What pathetically weak storyline there is is a simple rinse and repeat of the first film but without the novelty of it being new and without an OUNCE of the charm.

This film would be great as a video game where you control the action but it feels far too much like you're just watching a friend playing a game instead... and doing it badly.
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Batman: Year One (2011 Video)
A lovely adaptation of a cult classic
18 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have to just post here to pick up on idiotic comments by Adam-Penn and the_kick_ass...

It's blatantly obvious that NEITHER of these posters have read the original source material… material that is considered Batman cannon.

Lets take this example… (Spoiler)

"This movie decides to have Gordon have an affair with a fellow cop... while his wife (who they decided to name Barbara) is pregnant.

Naming his wife Barbara is even more insulting, as if real fans wouldn't know that Barbara is supposed to be his daughter, and not his pregnant wife." REAL fans would know that Barbara 'Batgirl' Gordon is NOT Jim Gordons daughter but is the daughter of Gordon's brother Roger and Roger's wife Thelma. When her parents died, James and Barbara (his WIFE) adopted Babs junior. When Jim broke up with his wife years later, he took custody of Babs junior while his wife moved back to Chicago with James junior.

As for him having an affair with a fellow cop… AGAIN, IT HAPPENED IN THE COMICS!!! He even gets married to Sarah Essen years later when she returns to Gotham. Batman doesn't respect Gordon because he's a paragon of virtue. He respects Gordon because he's an honest cop, one of the few left in the cesspool that is Gotham, and be counted on to do the right thing in the end. But then, you'd know that IF YOU WATCHED THE MOVIE!!! IMDb isn't really the place for a lesson in Batman history, I'll agree. HOWEVER when so called Batman fans who haven't the SLIGHTEST idea about the characters history use that ignorance to slate an extremely good adaptation of a cult classic, then I think it's validated.

I enjoyed the pace & tone of movie of the movie tremendously, the only let down for me was Ben McKenzie's voice as Batman/Bruce. Sure, we all know that Kevin Conroy is pretty much considered God when venturing into this territory but I also loved the approach that both Bruce Greenwood & Jeremy Sisto took respectively in Batman: Under the Red Hood & Justice League: The New Frontier. Mckenzie lacked charisma in the role and I never felt the air of menace that I want from Batman.

I was struck time and time again how faithfully various panels were reproduced in the film but without ever feeling forced. I never felt that I was watching an animated comic, it serves as a movie in it's own right.

Can't wait for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns… although I REALLY can't imagine what posters who have never read that book either will make of what they to to Batman in there!
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