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Every single movie I've watched since I could remember. Random order.

My rating:
1 to 4 Stars: Don´t mention it...
5 to 7 Stars: Watchable, good & better movies.
8 to 9 Stars: Should & must watch movies!
10 Stars: Perfection!!!

Titles I couldn't find on Imdb:
- Perfect Couple (Korean - 2007)
- Heartbreak Library (Korean - 2008)
- Our Slightly Risque Relationship (Korean - 2010)
- The Last Blossom (Korean - 2011)
- The Legend of Seven Cutter (Korean - 2006)
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Asian dramas that I have seen .

Dramas that I don't find on Imdb:
The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (2010 - Korean)
Romance Town (2011 - Korean)
Love or Bread (2008 - Taiwanese)
Down with Love (2010 - Taiwanese)
I Order You (2015 - Korean)
Noble, My Love (2015 - Korean)
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Every Movie Oscar nominated ou winner I have ever seen.
No specific order .
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This is a list of films that left me with a certain feeling (that i can't really explain) and thinking about it in the end .
I guess I can say that these films somewhat swept me off of my feet, because they were good enough for me to forget for a bit that it was just a film and, in some cases, they made me wish that their stories were true .
These are films with great stories, some including great performances by its actors .

And, again, this list hasn't a particulary order .
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Series that I've seen or that I'm seeing . Doesn't have a specific order .
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