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This may be a period of years or just one role in particular; I'll try to identify where I can...

NOTE: This list did need some cleaning up. I regret that it looked so homogenous in terms of race/ethnicity, but most of the old Hollywood actresses are white and I am somewhat limited because, a given women needs to have a profile here in order to be on the list. Still, I am trying to make amends for that..

UPDATE: Some of the comments make me laugh. For one thing, look carefully! The list is longer than 100 names... For another thing: I never bought in to the idea of Liz Taylor as the most beautiful women ever. I don't know why, I just don't think she was that great looking. Ditto for Gardner. It's subjective, nothing to do with "knowledge" as one person put it. Maybe you don't know some of these women because you are the one lacking in knowledge...
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You can Google them for the rest of the story..
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Most gorgeous women over age 50.
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But younger than 50 (see other lists).
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Most beautiful women age 60 or over.
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Any age, vocation, etc...
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True crimes of rap stars.
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The best film soundtrack composers/performers from a rock guitar/pop music background.
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With a screen debut of no later than 1964.
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These shows- in first run and rerun- were the constant companions of my early formative years, through warm summer days indoors, chicken pox, snow days and the rare up-all-nite TV feast.
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