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Yuniol (2007)
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one of the best Dominican movies so far, 16 October 2011

I liked this movie. Good acting, subject and drama. I felt that I was one of the characters of the movie myself.

this movie is a voice of the young, talented and idealist society that is rising in DR and I hope that inspire everyone, not only to make good movies but to make great things in real life and help built something better for the current and future generations.

It shows what is happening with the youth on both sides of the society, the black and white and also the grey areas. It remind us to pay attention to the corruption that is among us. It remind us that with good intentions, ideas, heart and the ambition pointing to the right direction, and also with good company (does not matter if you leave in a mansion or a "ranchito" or "callejon") you can accomplish great things... and along that path help the people around you.

"kudos" to everyone that was part of this project.

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I recommended, 16 October 2011

Is it true the some of the actors could have done it better, yes. I am not an expert, but at some point I did feel the acting could have been more honest and natural. But I personally liked Cesar Evora (this dude transmit everything with his expressions and voice), Juan Fernandez (his voice was a good try based of Trujillo's tone), Michelle (showing she is not only about action and such a beautiful smile) and Sergio Carlo. Overall the movie is a good and decent try. Normally in DR the movies are related to the comedy gender, so movies like this one and Yuniol related to drama and important aspects of the Dominican society it's a sign that Dominican theater has potential in terms of writing, film and also acting. I liked what Juan Delancer tried to do with the film, the scenario, taking you to that time with the clothing, cars, music, government institutions. The story of the Mirabal sisters and what the years of Trujillo's time meant for the Dominican history and the Latin American history in general is important to remember. Sometimes looking at the past we can try to avoid the mistakes in the future. Thanks for the film.