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Good for those looking for something with a social conscious, 23 November 2003

This is by far my favorite Pedro Infante movie. His range as an actor is detailed beautifully in this movie. At times it can get a little heavy/depressing, but the humanization of poverty is not exactly a light subject to tackle. Still, if you enjoy movies with wonderful highs and beautiful lows that may require some kleenex to be kept nearby, you should definitely watch this movie. As far as recommending other Infante movies... anything with him in it is worth your while.

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A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men., 23 November 2003

This is one of Cantinflas' movies with the most heart. Cantinflas' exchange with children reveals as much about his comic genius as it does his underlying humanitarian attributes. It is easy to see with this movie why Cantinflas is considered the quintessential Mexican "tramp"... because in all he does, with all his faults, and despite the joking around, he still has a conscious. This movie will make you bust a gut (like my father usually does when he sees it), as well as leave you all warm and fuzzy inside. If you like this movie as much as I do, you will also enjoy El Bombero Atomico.