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One of my joys as a kid., 16 July 2004

Aside from Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs was one of my many favorite television shows to look forward to. It had a lot of stuff that Power Rangers had, which was enough for me to watch it. But it was a bit different though.

Three kids who love comic books are given one wish by a friendly ghost, Flabber. The kids wish they were their favorite comic book characters, the Beetleborgs! Drew McCormick becomes the Blue Stinger Beetleborg, and the leader of the team. He gains the power of telekenesis. His sister, Jo, becomes the Red Striker Beetleborg. She gains the power of super strength. Their friend, Roland Williams, becomes the Green Hunter Beetleborg. He gains the power of super speed. After fighting several monsters made by the bad guys, the Magnavors, they create their own Beetleborg, the evil Shadowborg. Shadowborg easily decimates them, causing the team to make a 4th member. An artist creates the White Blaster Beetleborg, and gives the powers to a classmate of theirs, Josh Baldwin. Josh defeats Shadowborg, but loses his powers as well.

Score: ***.5/*****

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One of the few good shows on Nickelodeon now., 14 July 2004

This show really is a step-up from other Nickelodeon cartoons that are being shown. Danny Phantom has a lot of cooler effects, too.

The story: A young boy named Danny Fenton has gotten ghost powers by an accident that his ghost-crazed father made. His powers gave him that of a ghost, in which he can become invisible. But there's more than that. He also has flying abilities, controlling others' minds, and going through walls. Danny also has two buddies of his: Samantha, a vegetarian goth and Tucker, a meat-loving cocky kid. Danny's crush is a girl named Paulina, who he almost had a chance with. He also has to avoid Dash, a bully who wants to kill him.

Overall, your typical Nicktoon, but a little more to expect an the other ones shown.

Score: ***.5/*****

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Will Ferrell is hilarious!, 14 July 2004

Since Elf came out, I've been waiting for Ferrell's new starring movie, and Anchorman is it. And it does not disappoint, comedy fans! With great actors and script, it's one not to miss.

The story: Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) is a newcaster who's mostly concerned with himself and what he wants. Along with him is his newscrew: Brian, a ladies' man with a sense of fashion, Champ Kind, a western-esque man with little politeness, and Brick, a a person with low intelligence (Think Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons.) Anyway, a new girl comes into the crew, named Veronica Corningstone. Her and Ron fall for each other during a dinner, and things couldn't be better for Ron. Until Veronica is promoted to co-anchorman, which angers the newscrew. So Ron wants her off the newscrew, in anyway.

Aside from story, the characters are very funny, especially Brick Tamland, who's played by Steve Carell. Go see the movie yourself, now!

Score: *****/*****

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Better than the first!, 2 July 2004

I saw the first Spiderman movie, and I loved it. And this one is no exception, either! It had lots of cool stuff in it, like the appearance of Hal Sparks, J.K. Simmon's role as J. Jonah Jameson, and Harry gotta see it for yourself! Alfred Molina does a very superb job as Dr. Otto Octavious, or Doc Ock for the villain buffs. While it has a lot of dramatic and action-packed stuff, it very well incorporates humor well. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst do very well done character roles. Sam Raimi, you've really outdone yourself on this film!

Score: *****/*****

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5. 4. 3. 2. 1!, 28 March 2004

After the Turbo Rangers, T.J., Carlos, Justin, Ashley, and Cassie lose the Command Center and their powers, they must go off to space to find some new hope. Justin, the kiddy Blue Turbo Ranger, stays behind, leaving the other four rangers to go off into space. When they arrive on a spaceship, they meet the Red Space Ranger, Andros, who reluctantly gives them powers to help fight other evils. We find out some really cool stuff that's a little different from the other PR series, but in a good way! The new team is sure to be remembered for many years to come! Andros will always be one of my favorites, next to Tommy and Jason.

Score: *****/*****

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Power Rangers ROAR!!!!!!, 14 March 2004

I stopped watching Power Rangers after Power Rangers In Space, and totally forgot about the show. Then I came across the new series, Dino Thunder, and I began watching it again, basically because of Tommy returning! Tommy is now a high school science teacher, and has given three students of his, Connor, Ethan and Kira, Dino Gems, which turns them into Power Rangers. Connor is the leader and knucklehead of the group, Ethan is a computer genius and video game freak, and Kira is sort of an outsider and a good singer. Tommy later gets himself a Dino Gem of his own, making him the Black Dino Power Ranger! Now, this new team of Power Rangers must stop the evil Mesogog and his henchmen from taking over the world! Score: *****/*****

"Romeo!" (2003)
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Ugh...., 10 February 2004

I can safely say Nickelodeon is NOT doing a good job trying to get new material together. And this is clean proof right here. This show, Romeo, is by far one of the stupidest lame shows Ive seen in a long while! It's all Romeo, all the time! What about Mrs. Rogers, Gary, or heck, even Percy Miller himself?! But no, we get a talentless piece of garbage we all know as Romeo! And with a whole lot of dumb phrases, sayings, and special effects as well!

But however, there is one little glimmer of light....VICTORIA JACKSON! Who is she, you ask? She's a former cast member on SNL, so you can just assume she's gonna be a barrel of laughs, and she is! She does a great job playing Mrs. Rogers, and she should get some more air time! But not even she can save this show from being a "Romeo-Fest".

Score: **/***** (And I'm being nice giving this show 2 stars!)

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Great followup to a classic!, 9 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(SLIGHT SPOILERS!) The story: The sinister Master Vile has come and turned the Power Rangers into into little kids by use of the Orb of Doom. So now, they all had to find a piece of the Zeo Crystal to gain their powers! While they all find found their crystals, and got their real ages back, Aisha the yellow ranger, stayed in Africa when she got her crystal to take care of sick animals, and sent a girl named Tanya in her place as the new ranger. After they all got their crystals, they became new Zeo Rangers! Also, the Machine Empire takes over to try to defeat the rangers! Jason, the original red ranger, also comes back as the Gold Ranger for a little while.

This new series didn't also have a better storyline to it, but better special effects, cool costumes, and awesome villains!

Score: *****/*****

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Plain and simple: A classic., 8 February 2004

Everyone says, "Lord of the Rings is probably the best movie trilogy ever." I'm not going to disagree. This movie has it all: good music, effects, story, and acting. Nothing could probably surpass this.

The story: In the land of the Shire, Bilbo Baggins is known well for his adventures. On his birthday, he disappears from the party site, goes to his house, and says to his friend, Gandalf, to give his Ring to his nephew, Frodo Baggins. The problem is, the ring attracts evil, and now Frodo must bring the ring to Mordor, and destroy it in Mount Doom, the only one place it can be destroyed. Along the way, Frodo meets new people, and they join his adventure, making them "The Fellowship of the Ring".

Overall, this is a great movie to see if you're a fan of the books, but it's great if you're not, as well. Definitely worth seeing over and over again!

Score: *****/*****

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The Green Ranger was my favorite., 8 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(SLIGHT SPOILERS) When I was a young kid, I loved watching this series. It had cool heroes, as well as villains! During this series, team members were found and lost. This is show is classic!

The story: Five teenagers, Jason, Zach, Billy, Kim, and Trini are given powers by a floating head wizard, Zordon, to battle Rita and her minions, making them the fighting force known as the Power Rangers! Later on, Tommy, a new kid in town, is chosen to be the evil Green Ranger. After some battles and the destroying of Green Ranger's Sword of Darkness, Tommy joined the team as the sixth ranger. Soon after, Tommy lost his powers as the Green Ranger, but became the White Ranger, and a new villain, Lord Zedd came to help Rita defeat the rangers.

Overall, this is a great show for little kids, but good to see for older fans for nostalgia purposes. Score: ****.5/*****

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