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Will keep you wondering, 17 November 2012

How this got such low reviews I have only one idea: People who gave this bad reviews didn't pay full attention to the movie, and therefore didn't understand it enough to enjoy it.

I was literally on the edge of my seat, and sometimes leaning back with my hand on my chin, and other times with my hands cupped over my mouth - all while wondering and trying to figure out the mystery.

This movie was not predictable at all, which is what made it so enjoyable to watch. Jessica Biel was phenomenal, and so were the other actors.

I watched this movie twice: The first time I was alone and paid full attention, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The second time I watched it with my in-laws and they were constantly getting up and sitting back down and then getting upset because they didn't understand what was going on and had to keep rewinding. Even they, who didn't pay full attention, were dead set on finding out the ending to this mystery. They weren't fully satisfied because even they admitted that they hadn't paid enough attention to fully appreciate the film but they too, enjoyed it - although they were left very confused at times.

So my point is, watch this movie when you're ready to sit down and not be interrupted at all because if you are interrupted I can guarantee that you will miss important aspects of the film and wont get to enjoy it completely. It's a great movie, one that made me go out of my way to write a review for. Glad I watched it.

ParaNorman (2012)
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A Zombie Apocalypse, Witch Hunting... Kid Film?, 9 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I came to this movie really wanting to like it, because of how much my daughter and I truly adore Coraline. Coraline is incredibly strange and has some odd innuendos but nothing flat out jaw-dropping that you have to explain to your child later on.

This film turned into an "explainer" film for me. I'm still trying to process exactly what happened in this movie, whether it was good (or bad), and whether or not the gay character in the end was necessarily appropriate for this rated-pg film.

I am not opposed to gay marriage, but I haven't opened that door of explanation to my nine year-old yet -- this film opened that door for me and because of that, I am a little disappointed in it. It should never be up to filmmakers, or media to open those politically (and sexually) awkward doors to children. Movies that are rated-pg should remain completely unbiased and plain as far as politics and gay marriage go and this movie really overstepped its bounds.

The graphics were great, the story line was ultimately enjoyable and new but I truly don't recommend it for any audience under 12 (unless your child already knows about the girl/girl-boy/boy stuff)- Just a fair warning.

Still currently processing my reaction to this film but I know this much, it's not the same innocent weirdo kid film that Coraline was!

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I'll be brief: Don't waste your money., 22 June 2012

Kristin Stewart completely ruined this movie. First of all, she can't act -- AT ALL! This is common knowledge in both Hollywood AND the real world so why is she getting parts like this?

I was 100% unable to get past her awful "acting" if you can even call it that, and so therefore the movie was absolutely terrible.

The rest of the cast did the best they could, and as usual, seemed as if they tried their hardest to make up for where Snow White was lacking but it just didn't work.

Don't waste your money. Go see "Mirror Mirror" instead, at least the acting is worthwhile and it'll give you a few chuckles.

Mirror Mirror (2012/I)
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Great film for the family!, 1 April 2012

I didn't read any reviews on this movie before watching it and I'm glad I didn't. Had I read all the horrible reviews I might have decided not to take my daughter to see it and would have missed out on a really great movie. When I watch movies aimed at adults I will admit that I am harsh when it comes to how well they hit the nail on the head and etc but when it comes to children's movies, I am mostly concerned with inappropriate innuendos, violence, and lack of "fun". This film satisfied me in those areas and gave me a few chuckles as well. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it as did I. Unlike that AWFUL AWFUL movie "Jack and Jill" which had me in complete disgust over how inappropriate it was and upset that I paid over $20 for us to see it, "Mirror Mirror" left me and my daughter satisfied and it didn't cost us her innocence to do the job. I give it a thumbs up and would recommend it for all ages (young and old). Take the family to see it-- ya'll will have a good time.

Jack and Jill (2011/I)
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"Eh" movie and definitely not for kids., 13 November 2011

I hadn't heard much of this film prior to seeing it other than the fact that my seven year old really wanted to see it. Seeing as how it was only rated PG, I saw no harm. Boy was I wrong. Parents if you have kids, don't take them to this. It's incredibly offensive and just.... not child appropriate. I regret the decision to let my seven year old pick the flick tonight-- I hope other parents don't make the same mistake I did. It should have been rated PG-13.

On another note, the movie sucked pretty bad.... there was harsh/rude humor that gave you that "OMG" feeling and less than a handful of chuckles.