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Signed Sealed Delivered (2013 TV Movie)
Very Entertaining Warm-Hearted Movie
16 October 2013
Both my husband and I enjoyed this movie very much. We didn't know until after we watched it that it was the pilot for a series. We are looking forward to seeing more entertaining stories with this wonderful cast. I don't know if the US Post Office actually has a Dead Letter Office, but the portrayal of this concept was charming.

It is so refreshing in this day and age to have something interesting to watch that doesn't revolve around violence and crime. It had great writing with enough little twists and turns to keep things interesting. We have seen Eric Mabius in other Hallmark movies. He does such a great job. All of the actors were perfectly cast. We highly recommend this movie.
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Once (2007)
Excellent Movie - Best in Years
5 March 2008
This is the best movie I have seen in years! I had no idea when I stumbled across it that it would turn out to be such a great, yet simple, movie. The music is wonderful. The story is sweet and real. When it was over, I wanted more. I coaxed my husband into watching it with me, so I saw it twice in one night. He loved it too. We watched it two days before the Oscars and I had no idea at the time that it was nominated for Best Song. When I found out, I watched the entire Oscar ceremony (which was so not like me) just to hear them sing... and hope that they would win. I was so happy when they won! I just ordered the DVD, Soundtrack, and another CD by 'The Frames' which is the band that Glen Hansard was in. I am so glad I discovered this gem of a movie, and these wonderfully talented musicians. I gave it a 10.
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Great Show
2 July 2007
I really liked Studio 60. It was refreshing and fast-paced. I don't understand TV execs these days. They put a new show out and expect a 50% share immediately. They don't give these new shows much time to gain an audience. They show a few episodes, then yank it and put something else in its place. Then they bring it back to another night and time, and wonder why nobody is watching. If it weren't for my DVR, I would not even had known that it moved to Thursday's. Just think what would have happened had they done the same to Seinfeld, and Friends. Neither of those two shows had immediate success. It's a shame. I will miss Studio 60. Yes, it was opinionated, but what show isn't? It was well-written, and very well-acted. I have no idea how accurately it portrayed the TV business, but I didn't care. It entertained me. That's all I could ask for.
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