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Corrode (2011)
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Best film in recent times, 15 June 2012

I watched Kshay at the Chicago film festival last year. This is best from Indian cinema in recent times. A great script by a débutant director makes me wonder whether if its the end to Bollywood non sensical pot boilers. If the answer is yes, I am a happy movie buff. Rasika Duggal as Chaya and Alekh Sangal as Arvind are talented and crafty in their work. The scenes where Chaya and Arvind are together as so real to a middle class household and resemble so many couples I know of living in mumbai. It takes courage and immense potential for a débutant to make a movie like "KSHAY'.Its gripping till the very end and the gradual disintegration of lead characters is like never seem before. The movie left me thinking for days whether I am obsessed about something. A must watch and highly recommended to those who choose to watch quality film making by passion