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Basically this is a list of our entire DVD collection! (In no particular order) Including...movies, series, etc. thanks for taking a look. //(*_*)\\ .....ONGOING....
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Hi and thanks for taking a look at my list. :) it's nothing special Basically just a list of short movies that caught my eye or sounded interesting! There's no specific genra or order, thanks.:)
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First of all I want to say.. thank you for taking a look at my list and hopefully you also find a horror movie you would like to add to your watch list. :) "about the list" Basically this is a list of horror films I want to watch ranging from... old horrors to new horrors to not been released yet horrors and so on... in no particular order, thanks. :)
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A list of horror movies without cover art/posters ranging from older horrors, to now horrors, to not released yet horrors to way off horrors! =]
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this is a list of all the horrors I have seen and most enjoyed! I wasn't going to bother making this list as it is probably the same as a lot of other lists out there, but someone asked if I could do one so here it is I hope you enjoy. The films are in no particular order.... Thanks for taking a look. :)
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