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Minimum 5 feature films must have been seen by me for them to be on the list. The ranking of films within each director is by how much I enjoy the films where as the score is a combination of how much I enjoy as well as the quality.
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NO Documentaries or mini-series! Must have seen at least 3 films from that year to qualify.
Director nominations and wins:

1. Sergio Leone; Wins: 5 Nominations: 1
2. Billy Wilder; Wins: 4 Nominations: 13
3. Andrei Tarkovsky; Wins: 4 Nominations: 3
4. Ingmar Bergman; Wins: 3 Nominations: 13
5. Martin Scorsese; Wins: 3 Nominations: 11
6. Steven Spielberg; Wins: 3 Nominations: 7
7. Frank Capra; Wins: 3 Nominations: 6
8. F.W Murnau; Wins: 3 Nominations: 5
8. Howard Hawks; Wins: 3 Nominations: 5
10. Michelangelo Antonioni; Wins: 3 Nominations: 4
11. Spike Jonze; Wins: 3 Nominations: 1
12. Bela Tarr; Wins: 3 Nominations: 0
13. Alfred Hitchcock; Wins: 2 Nominations: 38
14. Coen Bros; Wins: 2 Nominations: 9
14. Akira Kurosawa; Wins: 2 Nominations: 9
16. Fritz Lang; Wins: 2 Nominations: 7
17. Carl Theodor Dreyer; Wins: 2 Nominations: 4
18. Edgar Wright; Wins: 2 Nominations: 3
19. Charlie Kaufman; Wins: 2 Nominations: 0
20. Charlie Chaplin; Wins: 1 Nominations: 6
20. Federico Fellini; Wins: 1 Nominations: 6
20. Yasujirô Ozu; Wins: 1 Nominations: 6
20. Orson Welles; Wins: 1 Nominations: 6
20. Buster Keaton; Wins: 1 Nominations: 6
25. Quentin Tarantino; Wins: 1 Nominations: 5


This list only included directors with a win and 5+ films appearing or more than one win.
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I love cinema, adoring films across almost all genres. I love the medium and it's time periods, styles and of course the people behind it's creation and success to this day. Now before I delve into the stats of the list I'd like to discuss my arrangement for this list.

This is not a best film list. Sometimes people confuse between the two. I try to separate the two completely. Now I won't deny the quality of film in terms of "best" doesn't alter my favouritism because it does. However I base and order this list around personal preference related to enjoyment and engagement.

Decades By Numbers:

1920s - [1] 1930s - [4] 1940s - [8] 1950s - [15] 1960s - [14] 1970s - [15] 1980s - [9] 1990s - [10] 2000s - [17] 2010s - [7]

Director Prominence: No director has their complete filmography on this list (3+ films) however everything I've seen from Bela Tarr is on this list. [6] - Billy Wilder [5] - Andrei Tarkovsky, Sergio Leone, Martin Scorsese [4] - Antonioni, Bergman [3] - Coen Bros, Kurosawa, Jonze, Hitchcock, Tarr, Capra, Kubrick

Actor Prominence: Based solely on main roles. No cameos or very minor roles will be included. [5] Jack Nicholson [4] Humphrey Bogart, Robert De Niro

*Only features. No mini-series, television shows, documentaries or shorts will be present.
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In order for a director to make my favourites list, I must have seen at least 5 features of theirs. It's just the way I am. Here is a compiled list of directors I want to see more of so they can make that list. I've also included directors I want to start that I believe could most definitely make my favourites.
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Must have seen at least five of their works. It is ordered by performances I prefer not the films them self. I'm also influenced (minorly) on their television work and (a fair bit) on them as people.
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Must have seen at least five of their works. It is ordered by performances I prefer not the films them self.
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Whilst a common debate among literature advocates, cinema is another form of text where the debate can be discussed. In terms of film, which is more important to have? Atmosphere or symbolism?

Atmosphere refers to the feeling, emotion, or mood a film maker conveys to a viewer through use of setting and objects. Commonly incorporated strongly in but not limited to fantasy and science fiction.

Symbolism can take many forms including: A figure of speech where an object, person, or situation has another meaning other than its literal meaning. The actions of a character, word, action, or event that have a deeper meaning in the context of the whole story. Especially in film, what is visually represented through lighting, framing, color, shade etc. to have a larger meaning.

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While IMDb may be famous for the Top 250, it is not the only one. A popular social media platform for cinephiles is Letterboxd. This too has a Top 250 and while there are a plethora of similarities to IMDb's, there is also a myriad of differences. Presented are the 35 highest ranked titles from Letterboxd that are not on IMDb's Top 250. Which one most deserves a place on that list?

Of course some films aren't quite eligible to enter the list just yet.

Poll information is accurate as of December 5, 2017.

While The Human Condition trilogy have the same poster, and the first two parts even have the same release year, but they ARE three separate films.

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There seems to be some backlash on how in recent times, a surge of Indian films have appeared on the Top 250. What is your opinion on the matter.

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Some amazing films lacking the accolades it deserves for one reason or another. Must follow one of two requirements: Less than 20000 votes or less than 7.6 rating on IMDB. The max number of votes however is 200000, no matter what rating.

Entirely opinion pieced and naturally containing only ones I've seen.
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Which of these films titled '(The) Color of ....' is your favorite?

If you are not familiar with these films, which one intrigues you the most?

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Sometimes it takes just one word and already your interest has peaked for an upcoming film or a blast from the past. When people mention this word for a film, you want to see it. What one word is most likely to make you want to watch a film?

Please ignore the films and vote on the word. The films are merely there as an example.

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Quite possibly the most influential and famous director of Russian cinema, coupled with Eisenstein. He later moved to Sweden for his final two films, even working with legendary cinematographer Sven Nykvist. He is a fan favourite among cinephiles and remains a beloved director for his surreal, slow-paced films and is one of the few directors without a miss in their entire filmography. Which of his 7 masterpieces would you say is his best?

If you are unfamiliar with his work, which film interests you the most?

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If there is one medium that deserves more praise, it's this one. As always and forever will be, cinema is a visual medium first and foremost. These cinematographers are able to master light, colour, tone and visual storytelling so amazingly I become in awe of their work. I've ranked there works on favourite. Not best and not by which films I prefer. Purely their work. As per usual only feature films count. Requires at least three works seen to qualify.