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"Grimm" (2011)
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something addictive about this. (spoilers), 30 October 2011

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I watched this show out of pure boredom with nothing else to do. But I ended up enjoying it. The first 20 minutes were quite boring. spoilers: It didn't even get interesting until the cop and the wolf first went to the mans house. but after that is what drew me in. Too be honest I am not quite sure of what to make of the show just yet, but I am hoping something amazing does come of it. It has some weird seductiveness about it, that makes you think: whats a grimm, what type of show will this be, what the hell happened in the end of the first episode. I will definitely keep watching just to see what will happen later in the season. The main problem they have is the dull boring moments, I just wish they would explain more what kind of show this is going to be. Is it going to be a cop show, with criminals and solving crimes every episode, or understanding this guys special power and into his world of "magic".

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once upon a amazing show began., 30 October 2011

to be honest i hate all that fantasy crap, like harry potter, twilight, true blood, and i also hate all the shows that nbc and abc brings to the table. But the other night I was bored and a re run of this was on and I thought what the hell, I'll give it a try. This show is mind blowing. I am officially addicted. There are some questions I have, as the whole present time vs story time doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But the end of the first episode got me so insanely hooked. This show is definitely better than grimm. I don't know how there going to make seasons out of this show, but I am very excited to see. I gave it a 9 only because I am a bit confused on who some of the present time characters are. But besides that, amazing.

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third times the charm? maybe. (SPOILERS), 21 October 2011

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I just returned from paranormal activity three. at first i was like no i will not see it. i saw the first and had to sleep with my light on for a month. i saw the second, which was just stupid, and then i was like fine ill go see it. so i went to the movies and (SPOILER) it starts out with Katie and Kristy (i think her name is) in Kristy's home going through old boxes (present time) and they find video tapes, and watch it then the house shakes and the tapes are gone...which makes no sense. so the video starts. heres the thing. i get that its 1988 but it doesn't seem like that. i don't care about the whole hd camera thing, they don't seem like their in the 80s. what ever. the movie is about Kristy who has a imaginary friend who haunts her. i guess. and all the hauntings go on with the boy friend watching them. some scares here and there. to be honest the part where Katie runs into the "wall" and gets pulled by her hair made me laugh so hard i peed. and the part where flys across the room..i died. that part all good. then they go to the grandmas to get away from the supernatural. this is where it just gets dumb. you know the usual grandma starring at the camera. so the bf runs through the house looking for everyone and sees that the grandma is an devil worshiper and the mom starts floating. i don't know if she dies. and then a bunch of old ladies out of no where come and chase the bf then the grandma does some powers on him and hes dead. heres the parts that pisses me off: 1. is the mom dead? 2. if they were watching this movie (in present time) wouldn't they have seen all this and could have prevented it from happening in the second and first movie. also in the first movie katy says the ghost mainly haunted her, but in this one the ghost haunts kristy. 3.the truth of the matter is only the first one was scary. yes this and the 2nd had its fair share of pop ups. but the first is the one that just scares you and makes you think. thats the one that makes you buy a night light. the other 2 are just regular horror movies. but that is that. it is definitively worth a watch.

The Nines (2007)
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The nines? More like a 2 or 3 (spoiler), 9 October 2011

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I was going through Netflix and came across this movie and went on IMDb and everyone was giving it good reviews, and I happen to be a huge Ryan Reynolds fan. But this movie was PURE disappointment. The movie itself was so/so. The ending was just stupid...which didn't even make sense. Even in movies like inception, after you leave you can still try to understand the ending, or the movie as a whole. But this you can't. Nothing makes sense. The ending literally rapes you, and there's just no way to recover. And it's such a shame that Ryan had to star in this wreck. He's so talented. I had watched buried this morning (which also stars Ryan) and it was amazing! And then I turn this on. I just wish that something would have had happened to help explain the ending and to make the movie a bit more enjoyable. SPOILER!!! After finishing I did some research and other people say that in the end he was god. Um okay. I don't even remotely see how they got that idea. He's sitting with Melissa in the last scene, there crying because he has to leave (where he goes, no one knows), and then a bunch of stars appear, and Melissa appears with a new husband very happy for some reason. The ending just made no sense, neither did the movie.

Buried (2010)
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Ryan Reynolds + suspense = amazingness, 9 October 2011

I never take time to review a movie, but this just had to be done. This movie was amazing. I can't even find words to describe it. One, it has Ryan Reynolds as pretty much the main/only actor, and he's gorgeous. Secondly, the whole movie just keeps you guessing. With 127 hours & wrecked also coming out around the same time, all with pretty much the same story line, this one was the best. Thirdly, the ending will have you in an awe. Hardly ever happens that an ending to a movie has such an impact on you. 127 did, but not in any sort of way this movie does. It shows the corruption in American government, and the corruption with the war in Iraq. Just go and watch this movie and be ready to be shocked.