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Thrilling and chilling with a side of tongue-in-cheek humor only Mike Merino can deliver!, 8 October 2011

Thrilling and chilling with a side of sardonic humor only Mike Merino can deliver! The Haunting of Pearson Place has a well-developed storyline told in true Horror flick style. The cast is well-balanced and a delight to see, and the "House"creepy. Creepy, creepy, creepy! Tracy Teague's Gwen is a strong force who doesn't take crap from her husband Steven, played by Ken Arnold. Steven is, for the most part, the yin to Gwen's yang. However, there is only so much a man can take -- he puts up with her sharp tongue to a point, and then he comes out swinging. Katherine, played by Julie Price is the sexy girl next door, who like Gwen can be a real b*#@! to her husband Michael. Regen Wilson is at the top of his game as the wryly commenting, antagonistic Michael. Joe Estevez and Mick McGuire are a joy to watch as the menacing Bob Osberg and Jim Shoemaker. Suzi Lorraine and Logan Anderson are simply delicious as The Founder and Kelda. Although a cameo role, Paul Bugelski's Dr. Nichols is disturbingly devilish and delightfully memorable. Enjoy the ride as the house on Pearson Place pits husband against wife, friend against friend, and the memories of times gone by, ever stuck in the present, against them all -- who will win? See it and find out.