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Spun Out (2014– )
Terrible sitcom
4 April 2014
This new sitcom is basically adding more insult to Canadian TV. As the other reviewer stated, I too did not laugh even once during the 2 episodes I have watched. Furthermore, I don't plan to watch more because of major boredom. Simply put, the show is pathetic and not worth spending your precious time, the laugh track is extremely irritating as it is unrealistic, to say the least. Sadly, this is what Canadian networks come up with. In Spun Out, I did not find any actors worth enjoying except Foley, but the script does him no justice either. The others show no talent whatsoever and the script is really unworthy. I can add the direction could have been more realistic and not over the top as it so seems. If this continues to be 'our' caliber, we should seriously think about the future of Canadian Television. Very, very disappointing.
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Un paso adelante (2002–2005)
Good Entertainment
9 April 2013
I enjoyed this series which provided much entertainment. With a cast as huge as this show has, it is fair to give kudos to the director for doing a pretty good job with the production. The dancing was very good and so was the singing. Excellent acting from Sylvia Marty (Ingrid) and Lola Herrera (Carmen), whereas good-looker Miguel Angel Munoz as the cocky dancer added sexiness that was much appreciated! The rest of the cast, especially the dancers made it all good to watch. Mind you, the storyline is quite catchy so the viewer is not left with just watching the entertainment, but also the lives of the characters within. The series is in Spanish, so if you do not speak it, make sure you get the English subtitles to go with it. All in all, very nicely put together with hardly any boredom to complain about!
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Terrible movie!
19 June 2012
This movie has been so hyped, I paid big bucks to buy it as it was not available for online rental so had to get a DVD mailed out to me. And I was immensely disappointed with it. Everything from direction, story, and acting was horrifying to say the least. Veteran actors like Zeenat Aman and Helen were awful, and so were the rest of the cast. This movie was set in Mumbai and was about an Anglo Saxon Indian family with a married son, who had an urge to explore the gay lifestyle, hence the hype. I feel this movie was targeted for the gay audience in mind given there are not many such movies out of Bollywood. This movie gets a rank of 1 as in my opinion it does not meet my entertainment standards.
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Rock Haven (2007)
A touching movie!
21 May 2012
Truly, a very good movie with great acting by the two leads along with Clifford's mom. I enjoyed the movie immensely and mainly because unlike other movies, the depiction of the gay characters was portrayed in a realistic manner, giving the audience a taste of what being gay is really about and not different than the heterosexual way of loving! I think a lot of people in society consider being gay is all about sex when it really isn't and this film forwards that message. The sex scene was extremely tastefully done for which the credit goes to the director. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, it was touching, romantic and sincere and am hoping others will give it a chance.
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Amazing Movie!
2 March 2012
Undertow is far from excellent - it is simply an amazing, well made movie that one must watch. Set in the beautiful seaside Peruvian town, the movie tells a passionate love story between two men. The depth depicted in this movie is powerful and extremely touching. The characters portray reality that is rarely seen in movies. All three lead actors deliver magical performances. The direction and picturization is well presented and enjoyable. From this movie, one takes away the passion that was obviously present in making this wonderful movie. Kudas to the actors, director, producer and all the crew. A must see!
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Now & Later (2009)
Powerful movie
30 December 2011
This movie is an amazing movie, depicting intense varied emotions. It encapsulates liberation and freedom along with spirituality which is so much the essence of humanity. I found the sex to be so much a natural part, yet which is so often regarded as 'unnatural'to show in our society. The movie really teaches one to get in touch with his own spirituality instead of the dogma we have created for ourselves. A really powerful and enchanting movie, added by the superb acting by Shari Solanis - an actor with unparell emotional appeal. All in all, a must watch movie with kudos to the director and producer and the rest of the cast as well. Definitely 10 points - more if possible.
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Bol (2011)
Absolutely Fantastic!
15 December 2011
I have not enjoyed Pakistani movies in the past and was very skeptical about watching Bol, which turned out to be one of my favorite movies of all times! This movie had a story line that was unique and the acting by the female cast was fantastic. What a transformation for Pak movies from what I recall in that even a taboo subject is depicted so well. Other reviewers have found faults, albeit constructive, with the movie making aspect, but these minor things do not affect the movie at all. In fact, Bol has surpassed my expectations so much, that I give it a top rating of 10, more if that was possible and definitely more than any Bollywood movie, which I watch less often nowadays because not much has changed and the reality aspect is zero. Really, Bol should and must be entered for an Oscar and other festivals because it has a lot of potential. My congratulations to the producers, director and cast for a job well done.
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Fantastic Show!
5 December 2011
Really well done. A show full of reality without the unnecessary entertainment gimmicks. In Michael one gets to see the suffering and how he tries to overcome his fears with the help of his doctor. The doctor-patient relationship is wonderful and so real. I found the cast brought on that reality. From Michael, to Dr. Storper and Claire and all the way to Mr. Renn acting with so much ease on his scooter-that couldn't have been easy! This cast must have been chosen with everything in mind. The perfect chemistry between Michael and Clair, the trick played by Dr. Storper were the highlights. Direction by Don Mckellar, our Canadian hero, is second to none. Honestly, he has done an amazing job to bring the cast together. An excellent, excellent production which I hope will continue like the US soaps. This is what we need to watch not the reality dance shows!
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Horrible movie
5 December 2011
Great Acting by Zinta!? You have to be kidding. Terrible movie,terrible acting all around. What do you expect when you get actors who have never worked in film? For instance, the lead guy has never worked in film prior the Heaven on Earth! The direction was also so flimsy with nothing to write home about. Deepa Mehta style.All her movies have the same rhythm lacking in depth. Besides,this movie really lacked reality,one could tell from the acting alone. What was the point of shooting it in Toronto when no locales were really highlighted except the snow? Perhaps government incentives, but this movie really is an Indian movie and should not be termed as Canadian. It was horrible.
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