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Movies that I've watched. Not in particular order.
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Movies (from year 2000 and onwards) I've watched. My personal tally - for non-asian & non-animated movies. They are not ranked according to my favorite or any IMDb rates, and I've just grouped some of them together.

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Basically follows the list by Art Vandelay at Listal. (1-162) Additional by Robert Litwinczuk (163-268). After 269 are movies I get from Quora or random places.

IMO, some of them are NOT mindfk movies. Just a movie with a twist or two. I might or might not remove them.

"implies a unique combination of surrealism, mental machination, and uncertain sense of reality for the viewer"
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films I enjoyed
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These are the asian/cantonese movies I've watched. I guess it's not easy to track back. I've been watching HK movies since I can remember. My family would rent them on VHS, so I have a new movie or two every 3 days. Plus, it's kinda difficult to read the anglicized titles, if there's no poster picture I might not recognize them at all. That said, since 2006, I've reduced my HK movies consumption to maybe 1 or 2 per year.
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X-Files, Roswell, Shark, Bones, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond, My Wife and Kids, Gilmore Girls, Stargate, Tru Calling, Alias, Smallville, Supernatural, Family Guy, Home Improvement, Grey's Anatomy, The Nanny, Frasier, Harsh Realm, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half Men and countless other sitcoms (some crappy ones which I can't recall the names) I'm not going to list here because they are incomplete. I watched them on local channels (which air them per episode weekly in later years, with strict censorship), sometimes I happen to skip them.
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Animated movies I've watched. For the Disney classics (pre-2000), I'm really not sure if I'd watched them. I might just have known the story from reading fairy tales, I'm not sure. MAYBE, maybe I'll rewatch them with my kids (if I have any) in the future. Till then, I haven't watch Toy Story, the whole series. Can anyone convince me to watch them?
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reasons: uninteresting (could not grasp the story) or too unbearable (intense emotions)