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Skew (2011)
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Patience Pays Off!!, 7 October 2011

I've heard some mixed reviews on this film so I went in a little apprehensive. The trailer is fantastic and made me really want to see it. I also heard it got into a bunch of horror festivals and now Netflix. Let me start out by saying I've had enough of these POV type films so if I'm going to sit through another one, you better wow me. Well, it didn't start out well. The first bit of the film seemed to drag on as nothing really happened. Just as I thought to myself, "I'm not being wowed", then something did happen and it got a bit interesting so I decided to give it a little more time. Well, I'm glad I did. This film turned out to be great! Once you get to that section (and I don't want to spoil it) it starts to get good. After a little bit more time it starts to get really good. I found myself totally hooked into the story and on the edge of my seat.

This really is a well-made film. It definitely plays with a lot of things including strong characters, story twists and secrets, genuine frights, and a really cool ending that plays with the time-line and delivers. This is a POV film that doesn't use the camera thing as a gimmick. It's actually part of the story! I don't go back to often and watch many films again (at least not that quick) but I had to with Skew. I now realize the slow start was actually more of a build and there are many hints dropped to get you to the end. I wanted to see if it all made sense… and it did! A few minor things though. This is not really an out-and-out horror film. It's more or a thriller or even a psychological type horror. There is some blood and very definitely some frights (I really jumped at one part!!). Although the beginning of the film is a build, it could have probably been shortened. The end is pretty cool and leaves you thinking but I'm wondering if it should have been a bigger scare. Although, now when I think of it, that's what seems to happen in all these other POV films so maybe this is actually better.

I highly recommend you watch this film. It is actually way better than Paranormal Activity and it's too bad it didn't get made before then. You really have to pay attention from the get go as it makes you think. Stick with it, even with the slow beginning, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.