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Worst movie ever!, 1 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw Deep Gold a few days ago. Honestly, I did not expect anything good because I always highly doubted Philippines could ever compete with other Asian film industries (Japan, China). It did not disappoint in that respect, it was an absolutely horrible movie, a total waste of my time and money.

The plot is reminiscent of other great work (sarcastic) by Fred Bailey who still somehow manages to sell his scripts and have movies made out of them. If you check most of his scripts here, the ratings are all around 3, the ratings do not lie. However, the ratings will lie here for a while because the only people that rated it 8, 9 or 10 are either workers of Bigfoot company or some really close friends of the owner.

The story is just atrocious and SO ordinary that it will never stand out. The acting is terrible, that's what you get from using models as actors. You must have a huge ego to be both director and actor, unfortunately it rarely works, only Tarantino manages to break the barrier. The action scenes had NO tension whatsoever, the danger happens always AFTER the hero is safe and sound, especially during the library scene. The story is predictable and offers no twists whatsoever so I don't know how anyone can say it's the best 3d movie of 2011 (of course it's an employee review).

After reading more about Bigfoot online, I found out that it is ruled by the owner who disregards ALL other people's opinions though having no film training whatsoever. And all other Bigfoot films are B-movies at best, but most lower than that.

Stay away from this horrific movie and spend your money more wisely. Watching golf is more exciting than watching this.

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I loved it, exactly what it needed to be, 22 July 2009

I seriously don't understand how people can put 1/10 for this film. What's wrong with you people? 1/10 is like the worst movie you have ever seen and I know that cannot be true.

Anyway, I actually really enjoyed the movie, I have no idea what other people expected from it. If they expected more philosophy, then they can watch Sarah Connor chronicles, support it, so that FOX doesn't cancel it. But people never think like that, they don't think in a linked way. What a shame.

On to the movie again, like I said I liked it. It was exactly what I expected, an action flick reminding me of the Schwarzenegger days that I sorely miss. Yes the story involves a lot of explosions and destruction, but that's what a modern Terminator should be like. They will never beat T2 okay? But T3 was a complete disaster as far as I'm concerned. The Terminator franchise deserved a movie like Salvation. Action that you can just sit back and enjoy.

Poseidon (2006)
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Stupid and dumb, 19 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, I have watched the original film, which was done much better. Especially it's done in 1972 and back then they really had to use their minds to figure out how to do some stuff.

Now this one, shame on Wolfgang for coming out with such garbage. The plot is so predictable, the character die in ways that are so obvious and dumb. Overall, this movie is a complete no-brainer. But sometimes those type of films can be stupid but fun, but this movie is stupid and dumb.

The only cool thing about this movie, is the actual rogue wave itself. It looked good and the way the boat flipped was good too. But then when the guy in charge (can't remember if it's the captain) says they should stay down there because they are "safe", you just know they are not. Then Kurt and co. go play Tarzan around the boat. Yes, there are worse movies than this but this one is really not worth it.

Goemon (2009)
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Great visuals, great story, 18 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, so here we go, Goemon. I've been looking so much to Kazuaki's next film ever since Casshern. Big thumbs up for him for staying in that science fiction style.

To briefly reply to coolhandbrent-1 from Japan. What can I say, there are people that went to watch Lord of the Rings. Those people hate that genre, they come out of the cinema after just 10 minutes, they go on IMDb and give the movie 1/10. Look, if you're not into science fiction, just stay away from it forever.

About Goemon, well it's a folk hero who is kind of the Japanese equivalent of Robin Hood, there was a bunch of video games based on his ninja skills as well.

Just like I loved Casshern, I loved Goemon and if you really don't get the story, then you don't have any imagination in you and you should remain in the boring reality based films instead.

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It's not smart, it's propaganda, 24 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was a big fan of Family Guy, and the same creators took up the difficult task to produce a second show, American Dad.

Family Guy is funny because it stays politically neutral, it's about family life, just like The Simpsons. American Dad however is very politically-charged, it is a propaganda show for Bush. I never thought it would be made, but I was wrong. And that's all there is for American Dad, the humour is very dry, and obvious, it's not smart at all, it's logical in its own way.

I thought the family was funny when I first saw it, it looked like an alright family idea, although Stan working for the CIA is totally opposite to other family shows, where the father figure is usually stuck in a dead end job. So already, it's half fairy-taleish. It's not so interesting, as the plot lacks conflict within the family. And please please please stop the propaganda elements, it's very irritating.

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The longest dream, 22 January 2007

Dreamfall is a game like no other out there today. Maybe that is because action and sports games overflow the market but still. I have never heard of the game until it came out, I never played the prequel (The Longest Journey) either prior to this.

I didn't know what to expect. And although the game starts as a semi-horror one, it's really emotionally packed instead. The story alone of Faith made me cry, this is just a story that touches me and that I can feel I can relate to.

The graphics are top notch and although the battles are a little bit easy and the puzzles ridiculously easy, the story itself is the heart of the game. The soundtrack is amazing and enthralling, the voices are superb and the writing of the game is magnificent, so you can't ask for more! After finishing the game, I decided to get The Longest Journey to find out more about the overall plot.

10/10, and I would put much more, I really would.

Casshern (2004)
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Equilibrium 2 :), 4 October 2004

Throughout the whole movie, i just thought, this is Equilibrium, or rather some unrelated sequel to it.

The movie is really good, running at a fast pace, with excellent music to fill the background. The environment is set in the future really, and although it's a bit pushing it, i thought why not?

The animations are very well done, i die to see it in proper quality, as some scenes were simply brilliant. The end is somewhat sad, but filled in with usual Asian philosophy. Those who watch animes in particular the ones for grown-ups, will not find it very new, but still, it's kind of a nice explanation to life.

10/10 for an overall very enjoyable movie.

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I found it better than "The day after tomorrow", 5 August 2004

Having watched a huge panorama of movies already, i was pleased to see Dragonhead. It is an Easter-Asian movie, and i decided to watch quite a few others after this one.

The special effects are just good, sometimes really good. It is a good approach to such a movie too, because you start to think it's a nuclear disaster at the beginning, and then you find out it's actually something a bit worse than that, when the crust of the earth moves, the Earth's balance shifts. That's true, but especially when the magnetic field gets messed up, our apocalypse will come, or rather will rain down on us without holding back the tears of destruction.

When you have a volcano popping up not far from you, and throwing up huge magma bricks at you, that is not nice, i wasn't surprised the humans, well at least the Japanese lost the will to fight for life. But then again, some people have to believe in the future, because there is always a future, no matter how grim things look like.

I put 10/10 for Dragonhead, because of its realism, Apocalypse is not about happiness, it is boring, and everyone just needs to find the will to fight on, against all odds. If you like something a bit different than big blockbusters, then this movie is so for you, because in Asia they approach everything from an objective point of view, that is what makes their quality.

Sky Blue (2003)
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Wonderful days, is a wonderful journey, 29 June 2004

I saw this animated movie in June 2004, and again i will say that i am no newcomer to animes, i have seen lots and lots of these. So far I've only bumped on all the good ones and that is good.

Well anyway, Wonderful days, has a story somewhat similar to George Orwell's 1984 book. It is in a way very similar especially with the idea of a sun blocked by the clouds, or confined life behind buildings and lies. The higher class and lower one are also portrayed here.

I think i am getting used to big finales now, but in wonderful days, the finale was excellent, spanning through 5 minutes approximately, with blood splashing out, and characters flying in all directions. Amidst the violence, there are deep emotions, love, and sadness. It is not just about survival, but acts of heroism too, to save Gibraltar.

Animations are excellent, blend very well together, and the story is excellent for my money too, going to get the DVD, hope it's available. 10/10 and nothing else really.

Titan A.E. (2000)
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Action sequences keep you on the edge of the seat, 25 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

9/10 for Titan A.E. I really found it amazing, there is a constant mix of top notch graphics with a bit older style of animation, and both blend very well.

I don't know really how to describe this movie, i suppose you just need to watch it, some scenes are simply breathtaking, and I have seen a lot of Animes before. The ice field is simply stunning, as is the construction of the new Earth (Planet Bob).

There were a couple of excellent jokes, treason, love, passion, will to fight on, Titan A.E is complete. Great imagination from the creators to invent the hydrogen trees for example, that was a great idea.

At no moment in Titan A.E you are bored. Action sequences keep you on the edge of the seat, and the story explanation blends in well to fill the gaps. But it is not filling in a boring way, it is done quite fantastically to blend in with the overall subject.

Characters are funny, there is enough background for all main characters really. *SPOILERS* Well at least it inspired the game Freelancer, with the Nomad ships, don't know who took the idea first but there we go *END SPOILERS* , yeah by all means watch it, expert's recommendation :)

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