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"Homeland" (2011)
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Marine haircuts not acceptable, 6 October 2011

The ONLY thing that disappointed me greatly is that 2 of your main characters that are portraying Marines do NOT have haircuts that the REAL Marines would find need to look the part to play the part!!!! I otherwise found the story to be a good one. Good actors but trust me, living with a Retired Marine will make for some miserable times if the hairline continues as is. One of the scenes also shows sideburns that would not be allowed in the Marines. Again, if you're going to play a part, please look the part. When the main character was giving a speech and it seemed as though "real" Marines were the audience, it looked like those individuals all had the haircut that would be allowed. Then, the main character and the guy that was entertaining his wife while he was missing had cuts that were unacceptable.