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An absolute masterpiece of brutality and revenge., 28 February 2012

First off, all things aside I Saw the Devil right from the opening scene when the ambient music starts playing and the snow falls down. We just now that it's cinematic pacing is going to be excellent. I think that is the reason why this movie is so engaging. Each scene has it's own musical score and it's intensely acted.

Lead actors Byung-hun Lee who plays Kim Soo-hyeon the protagonist, displays a brilliance yet tactical urgency for his planned out revenge and eventual torture of the man who threw his life upside down.

Lead antagonist Min-sik Choi who plays the Devil Kyung-chul is one of the better villains in the last few years that we have seen in cinema. His ruthless, pure brutal disregard, and lack of emotion really set him in a league of his own. Even under immense pressure and animosity does he stay true to his role and executes it with precision. His acting is in a league of it's own, even his presence is chilling to the core, his witty word play is unmatched in intellect and delivery.

For me without a doubt this was the movie of the year of 2010, at least in the horror genre. It's plot, gorgeous cinematic pieces, top-notch acting, and some of the most brutal scenes we have seen in a long time. Leave an imprint into your skull that I Saw the Devil is truly a notch above the rest. In a year without tons of outstanding flicks we must thank director Jee-woon Kim and everyone else who worked on this project for their ultimate precision to detail, complete lack of censorship, and a movie raw to the core with honesty. We "the fans of horror" are truly appreciative of you and your art form. Your brilliant pacing has people hooked from the very beginning, and leaves us hanging on the edge of our seats until the very last second, and even beyond. As your brain takes time to comprehend what you just saw.

In no way is this a movie for everyone. But if you have read this far, I'm sure you can already get the picture if you would enjoy this film. It contains some of the most realistic murder and rape scenes that we have seen in quite a while. It's violent and gory to the core. It's also filled with an amazing rendition of musical scores to either darken, brighten, or heighten the films mode. Everything is top notch and this gets my ultimate stamp of approval. Please do yourself the favor and watch the "uncut" subtitled version in 1080p, view the movie as how it was meant to be viewed. You won't regret it.

I Saw the Devil will not only remain one of the best films of 2010, it will be watched 10 years from now with the same relevancy and brutality that it has brought us this year. Movies like this are truly what makes cinema, an art form. Brilliant from beginning to end.

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2 Words - Shailene Woodley, 15 February 2012

What a depressing movie, it tears any shred of humor, caring, remorse, and companionship and rips them right out underneath you. There were a few saving graces for this snore fest. The Hawaiian scenery and music was excellent. But to be honest, the only reason to watch this film is simply one reason.

Shailene Woodley.

Sweet mighty Jesus what a lovely young actress with so much talent, she was the only thing bright in the entire movie and she shined brightly. Her beauty is unmatched just watching this goddess in action is enough to make any grown man fall to their knees and drool. In the words of Skrillex "Oh my god".

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Triumphant Cinema., 14 February 2012

Blue Valentine is one of those movies that takes you into a realm that not many movies take us. It's a true epic work of cinematography, dialog, and acting all rolled into one. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Willams put together two of the finest acting jobs I've ever seen. Such amazing chemistry, they simply command you to watch this movie. The plot is deep and involving. Ranging from fun and comedic, laugh out loud funny at times. To melancholy and depressing. It shows true range of emotions, and really takes you into part of your head that isn't often explored. I really think this movie should be praised more than it has been, it's truly a classic.

With one of the most compelling movies of 2010, you simply must watch this film. It's one of those movies that will stick with you for ages to come. Triumphant Cinema.


Frontiers rates up there with some of the most brutal movies of all time., 14 February 2012

Frontiers right from the beginning really hooks a line and sinker into you. Forgiving, unrelenting, brutal. Filled with gore, blood, deceit, and sadistic neo-Nazis - this movie has it all. It's like Rob Zombie and Robert Rodriguez teamed up for a brutal French Torture Flick. It's an awesome movie that's definitely well worth watching, if you can stomach it.

The ending of the movie is one of the best I can recall for a film of this genre. Just totally shocking, up there with A Serbian Film. Just leaves you in utter shock with your mouth hanging wide open.

Frontiers gets 7.8/10, it's well worth the watch.

Shame on ABC for Cancelling This Show, 14 February 2012

One of the best crime shows since The Wire. Full of strong, witty, intelligent dialog. Great case work and crime solving, along with strong acting and good cinematography. Finch was one of the greatest characters to come out in a long time. His strange persona, but upbeat and quirky way of getting things done was epic. This show got so damn good towards the end of the season, I bet this would have progressed so much in just a few more seasons. This is now the 4th or 5th show ABC should have not cancelled, including the Playboy Club and Prime Suspect, and a few others that slip my mind. Shame on you ABC. You don't know a great TV show if it smacked you in the face.

"The Firm" (2012)
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The Firm, not your average crime drama., 8 January 2012

The Firm brings to the table an action thriller crime drama that establishes itself as one of the premiere shows on television. Josh Lucas plays the roll of Mitch McDeere, who is a criminal defense lawyer.

Displayed at the beginning we first learn of his involvement in a scheme that goes way beyond just his criminal cases. Those reasons lead him to be assailed by not only the Mob, but crossed and entrapped into his own firm.

Rewinding the time table we journey back 6 weeks before to see exactly how all this played out. Thus begins the gripping tale of The Firm full of honesty, and deceit. Justice, crime, love, and violence, the firm incorporates very strong lead acting by Josh Lucas which carries the show beautifully. A wonderful witty script, and excellent content make this so far an excellent show and one that will most likely draw in quite a large amount of viewers as we are engrossed with how the story unfolds.

Plenty of riveting action, strong acting, meaningful content, and highly entertaining. I think The Firm establishes itself as something else besides just another TV show.

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Will Always be Relevant, 6 January 2012

Almost 14 years after it's release L.A Confidential has stood up to the test of time brilliantly. Thanks in part to it's key components.

First, it has one of the most fluid story lines ever delivered with spot on pacing, tons of action, and twists and turns galore. No filler, just straight unadulterated goodness.

Extremely strong acting, the movie is phenomenally cast with a young powerhouse triage of Russel Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey. They all have key and integral components for the wicked story as it unfolds. Finally culminating in a climax of interlocking beauty.

This is one of those movies that will stay relevant for ever. It's just integral viewing, and one of the best Noir's or films of any genre for that matter anywhere. It's a classic, what else can you say besides that it should be required viewing no matter who you are.

Cold Fish (2010)
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Cold Fish is the best movie since Oldboy., 4 January 2012

Cold Fish transcends modern day cinema, and evolutionary it in a way few can capture. From it's beautiful serene 20 minute introduction up until the title screen, we already know we are blessed with something special.

Cold Fish displays with perfection the broad spectrum of human emotion. From love, to revenge. To gratitude, to humility. To life, and to death. What struggle do we have to go threw until we finally snap and say we have had enough?

Right from the get go you are thrown into an average day with Mr. Shamoto. Your average husband that cares deeply about his wife and daughter, and owner of their fish shop. Things start out slowly, but soon you are thrown into the twisted world of that which is Cold Fish.

Deeply entangled Mr. Shamoto meets fellow fish store owner Mr. Murato, where his world we be slowly turned upside down. For what lurks around the corner will be one of the darkest and most twisted story since Oldboy.

Director Shion Sono delivers with razor sharp precision, with witty brilliance, gorgeous cinematics, strict attention to detail, and plenty of blood. The movie combines your typical genre of Thrillers, Fantasy, Grindhouse, Classic, and Horror and combines it into something very unique. From the gorgeous, strong brutal intellectual dialog to the utterly phenomenal acting job from Mr. Shamoto and Mr. Murato, this is absolutely a movie you must watch.

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The Salton Sea is nothing short of pure brilliance., 3 January 2012

The Salton Sea is utterly fantastic. It's amazing it took me this long to watch it, it's an instant classic.

What makes the movie so fantastic is the amount of content and the variety of said content that is displayed. It's gritty, yet intellectual. Slow, yet paced perfectly. The story unravels slowly, yet the story happens to fast. I think it's safe to say, that the complexity of this movie can not be understated. What you are getting here is the total package. From the gorgeous delivery and beautiful cinematography, to the intricate details from the culmination of the plot. The thought engrossing script, and the perfectly acted epic story tells the tale of redemption, revenge, heartbreak, sorrow, loss, and glory.

Val Kilmer delivers his best roll of his entire life. This movie will be relevant for the next 100 years. Do yourself a favor, and add this to your must watch list.

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Melancholia Falls Flat, 9 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here is how to make Melancholia a brilliant movie.

Take the beginning of the film roughly 5 minutes, and the last 30 seconds and edit them together.

There you go, beautiful artistic sounds and sights with gorgeous high definition picture and enough bass at the end to blast you straight through your movie seat.

For a movie that could have been so damn excellent this one falls directly on it's face as soon as the Melancholia logo frame hits the screen. The movie turns into a self engorged, elongated, misshapen and misdirected drawn out snore fest. Anything that can be wrong, has will and is wrong. This coming from such an amazing start to the movie which was truly stunning and gorgeous ending, to turning out to be one of the most monumental failures in modern day cinema. My god, what a shame.

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