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Breaking Bad continues to astound us with one of the darkest moments in the show's history, 13 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Look how far this show has come. Five episodes into the shortened fifth season and we are still astounded. The beginning set the tone: a little boy on his motorbike enjoying his hobby of picking up spiders . . . then we hear the train whistle blow in the background . . . and then the opening credits role. This is what Breaking Bad does so well. Every once and a while, for the opening scene, they will show a scene that happens towards the end of the episode and we have to figure out how it gets to that point or what happens after that scene.

That scene probably wasn't really paid close attention to most of the viewers - and I guarantee you that most of us went "Holy Sh*t" when we saw that little boy watch Walt, Jesse and Todd steal the methyl-mine from the train. And then, just when we thought something bad was going to happen, it did. Todd pulls out his gun and shoots the boy dead as Jesse screams out "No!" in the background. Walt, the man we once knew was full of good and love, stood there and watched - didn't even flinch.

Murder has always been taken very seriously for a show that has a large body count as of right now. Deaths are never funny or dumb to watch. Each death is taken with the utmost respect - each character's death hits the viewers. The death of Jane in season 2 as Walt watches on as she chokes on her own vomit, Hank taking down the Tuco's cousins in the grocery store parking lot in season 3, and even Gus Fring's death in the season 4 finale - every death was full of suspense and seriousness. This is what Vince Gilligan and his writers do so well - they make death/murder hard to watch. They through no punches that aren't necessary.

The boy's death will lead to the fifth season's end (even with 3 more episodes so watch). Jesse was hit hard when Todd shot the kid - he'll question if he should remain in the meth business with his old chemistry teacher. Mike will not be happy with Todd - shooting a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only person who will want to continue with the business will be Walt who, quite frankly, does give a damn. He will want to continue to cook as his lust for power turns him fully into Heisenberg - the drug lord Hank has been looking for since season 1.

Now with the ending aside, this episode was still masterful. The scene in Hank's office where Walt breaks down in front of his brother-in-law DEA agent was tremendous. Again, Bryan Cranston shows how easily he can shed tears and then become serious and bug Hank's office with a microphone and a tracker on his computer. It was great to see how Walt smoothly transitioned from heart broken family member to law breaking Heisenberg in a matter of seconds.

And it turned out Lydia didn't plant the tracker on the bottom of the meth barrels. Now, I wasn't too fond about this new character when I first saw her, but perhaps this show needs a Lydia after all. While she can be mentally unstable under the threat of DEA watching her moves but it's still pretty cool to watch as she helps out Mike, Walt and Jesse with the train situation.

The train heist was another great scene. We've seen another heist happen in the first episode of this season but the train scene was absolutely spectacular to watch. You had Todd and Jesse stealing the methyl-mine as guest actor Bill Burr plays around on the tracks with the engineers driving the train. And even though Jesse was nearly run over by the train and we had to watch Todd kill the only witness, it was still a great scene.

Breaking Bad continues to amaze with each passing episode. I am thoroughly enjoying this season. Though I am upset only three episodes remain and then the final eight air next year, but I know this show will continue to amaze until the final credits role next year. "Dread Freight" is a masterpiece and shows us that even five seasons in, Breaking Bad can still leave the audiences in shock and make us want more. Bravo.

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Christopher Nolan concludes his Dark Knight Trilogy in spectacular fashion, 21 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Grade: A+ (98%)

Superhero trilogies always end with a less than average film. "Spider-man 3" lost all sense of emotional impact and storyline that the first two films had and "X-Men 3" was just terrible in every sense. When we heard that Christopher Nolan will be making one final film to conclude the trilogy, I was a little nervous to see this film after every other final film in the superhero trilogies bombed out. But not only did Christopher Nolan conclude The Dark Knight Trilogy in spectacular fashion, it may be just as great as the critically acclaimed "The Dark Knight". "The Dark Knight Rises" is one of the greatest comic book films I have ever seen.

Eight years after the dreadful events that occurred in "The Dark Knight", everything seems to be doing well. Crime is low, a new series of laws under the name "The Dent Act" have been set against criminals, and Batman has retired. Yes, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has retired from being the caped crusader, uses a cane to get around his big mansion, and has isolated himself from the outside world only talking to his loyal servant Alfred (Michael Caine). Sure he has to deal with Selina Kyle (Ann Hathaway) and her "cat-like instincts" to steal his prized possessions but he has a lot of time to do that. But everything seems to fall apart when Bane (Tom Hardy), a huge, muscular, angry mercenary begins to terrorize Gotham with robberies and explosions, Bruce must put on his suit one last time to face him.

The story itself is very good and complex even if it does take a while to get going. Make no mistake about it, this is a long movie that is just 15 minutes shy of the three hour mark. The final half is full of action and excitement while the first half, while not boring, can drag on in some parts. Sure set pieces need to be stated and story arcs have to end (since this is the final film), but it should've been done quicker to get us to the more exciting moments.

When the film does pick up, it's absolutely jaw dropping. The fight sequences, while not bloody, can be somewhat brutal to watch, and the dialog just becomes more interesting. Christopher Nolan, who also directed the film, co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan who has been writing these screenplays since "Batman Begins". The writing is swift and clean, even if they throw in one too many jokes from one of the older cops early on in the movie.

The writing is also backed up by impressive performances all around. Christian Bale has toned it down with his low Batman voice (even if there is one or two scenes where I couldn't help but laugh at his yells) but he does a fantastic job as Bruce Wayne. Ann Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman is fantastic and fits the role (and her suit) extremely well. Even Joeseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective John Blake fits his role well.

But obviously everyone wants to know how Tom Hardy is as Bane. Now everyone is going to compare his performance with Heath Ledger's Joker from "The Dark Knight". I don't want to compare but if you needed an answer, Mr. Ledger's performance is far more superior with or without mentioning the Oscar for Supporting Actor. That being said, Tom Hardy gives a stellar performance as Bane. He may look silly at first with the mask on and his voice may not be as low as it should be, but once you get use to his character, he is fantastic.

In the end, many will be satisfied with what Mr. Nolan has made for us. The film is full of action, suspenseful and great storytelling even if the film is 15-20 minutes longer than it should. Still, if you loved the first two films or just looking for a more realistic comic book version to the caped crusader, you cannot go wrong with "The Dark Knight Rises". It's a spectacular finale to the greatest superhero trilogy in the history of the film industry.

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Mackenzie and Will try to keep their past a secret as they try to rebuild the newsroom, 2 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a strong pilot episode to introduce us to this new HBO series, I wasn't surprised that the show would now focus on one or two story lines at a time. The first episode threw a lot at the viewer but thanks to the clever writing and outstanding performances, we were able to soak everything in with ease. "News Night 2.0", on the other hand, sort of slows down the show a little bit. While it was still a good episode, "News Night 2.0" just wasn't as strong as it should have been.

After a fantastic show a couple of days ago, Mackenzie wants to rebuild the show and introduces New Night 2.0 which is what she believes what type of news should be covered by them. She calls it a courtroom where only top guests will be invited onto the show according to her guidelines she reveals. Then they decide to run with the Arizona Immigration issue where their guest would be the governor of Arizona. Unfortunately, problems occur that actually leads to a horrible yet comical news show that night.

The writing itself was fine. While it didn't have a big impact like what it had in the pilot, the dialog was fast, serious, and sometimes offered comedic relief. The one problem with the episode was the whole secret that Mac and Will were trying to keep from the rest of the newsroom. Even though some people spread around that Will cheated on Mac and adds to Will's "donkey" remembrance, Mac tries to persuade everyone that Will did not cheat on her. And after a poor attempt to send an e-mail revealing what actually happened to Will, she accidentally sends the message to everyone in the newsroom. It would've worked a lot better with Aaron Sorkin wasn't so attached to detail. Characters tried to explain different ways to send messages to each other but I was unable to follow what they were saying. While it was funny to see everyone's phones vibrate and react to the incoming email, it just didn't do anything else.

"News Night 2.0" was a good episode. The dialog drives the show even though these plot lines involving past choices made by characters don't work that well. But it still is a good show to watch . . . until Breaking Bad comes back July 15 haha.


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"The Newsroom" is one of the best shows on HBO, 26 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After finishing the 75 minute pilot of the new HBO series "The Newsroom", I was stunned by how brilliant this show is. The writing, the acting, the story, the chemistry between each character, everything was brilliantly executed. After watching this episode, I realized how great this show will become. AMC's "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" along with HBO's "Games of Thrones" and "Boardwalk Empire" have met their match - "The Newsroom" is one of the best TV shows out there.

Now of course, I haven't seen any other episodes since they haven't been released but I have a lot of confidence in this show after the masterpiece of a pilot "We Just Decided To". The show starts off with Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, answering questions at a local college. And after using a little humor to get passed questions he didn't want to answer, he finally snaps when the host demands his opinion if America is the greatest country in the world. Not only does he lash out at a college girl, but he also lashes out on the country that turns his career for the worse.

Mr. McAvoy is the head anchor at Atlantis Cable News (ACN) and when he returns to work after his lash out, he realizes most of his staff is gone from the newsroom. As he discusses what happened with the head chairman of the network Charlie Skinner, played by Sam Waterson, he realizes that his boss hired a new executive producer for the show without allowing Will to meet her. It turns out that the new executive producer is Mackenzie McHale, played by Emily Mortimer, who has had a relationship with Will in the past that went sour. It doesn't take Will too long for him to be completely upset with the whole predicament but has to face facts that she will help save his show after his outburst.

With a show like this you need two things to keep the boat afloat: a clean script and an solid cast; "The Newsroom" exceeds in both departments. Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the show (and his return to television), wrote the pilot and does a tremendous job of it. When I saw that he wrote this episode, I knew that the dialog was going to be strong with hints of comic relief. Aaron Sorkin won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay two years back for his work on "The Social Network" but he has also done other nameable films like "A Few Good Men" (You can't handle the truth). The writing was perfect. It was fluent, interesting, funny, and above all else - it was strong. Mr. Sorkin is a master at writing scripts - I pray that the writers he works with will be just as great because you can't have much better writing than this.

With writing that is so good, you need a solid cast to control it. I was really surprised with Jeff Daniels' performance as Will McAvoy - he is brilliant. After watching this episode, I kind of wish his movie career went a little farther. As of right now I can only remember him in a few movies that I would call decent. But he is amazing. Sure when he's funny, I can't help but remember him in the comedy "Dumb and Dumber" but when he's serious, it's like I never seen this type of acting from him before. An Emmy, and possibly a Golden Globe, nomination will be coming his way in the future months - that's for certain. Even the supporting cast is fantastic. While there are a lot of actors worth mentioning, Emily Mortimer as Mackenzie leads the supporting cast. She is strong hearted as well as has the ability to ease the tension with a little humor. Sam Waterson as Charlie also has his moments.

I've given perfect scores to only a couple of pilots before "The Newsroom" such as "Breaking Bad", "Mad Men", and "The Sopranos"; all of which went on (or still are) to receive big awards like Best Drama and Best Writing. As of right now, "The Newsroom" is on its way to greatness. A perfect score for a pilots either means it will continue to be a great series or it will slowly die down to an above average TV show. Only time will tell if "The Newsroom" deserves a 10 out of 10 but as of right now, it deserves your attention.

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Frightening moments appear in the best episode yet, 8 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was no Stannis this episode, yet the episode was still a masterpiece. Even though they excluded somethings from the book, I really loved this episode. It was frightening, suspenseful, funny and dramatic. "The Old Gods and the New" is an achievement.

Right from the start, Theon captures Winterfell and orders Bran to yield the castle to him. Now if you remember from last episode, Bran's dream showed the ocean claiming Winterfell. As Theon does a dangerous decapitating a loyal soldier, the rain begins to fall harder and harder symbolizing the ocean Bran was referring to. By the end of the episode, Bran and his son sneak out of Winterfell undetected.

North of the Wall, Jon Snow continues his journey with the intent to kill as many wildlings as possible. During his mission, he and his group ambush a wildling campsite and Jon captures Ygritte, a female red head. Ygritte is an important character to this series for Jon Snow so be ready to see a lot of her. And after a failed attempt at executing her, Jon and Ygritte have a rundown. Even though Jon captures her again, he is unable to find his group before nightfall.

In Kings Landing, Cersei and Tyrion watch as they force the princess to leave the capital before the war hits. After a little threat from Cersei, King Joffery and the royal family are attacked by the people. Even though Tyrion tries to tell Joffery that this attack is all his fault, Joffery walks away and even lets Sansa to be attacked by three men. The Hound does save her just before she is raped but it will scar her for life that Joffery did not do anything for her.

In Harrenhal, Arya continues to be a cup bearer for Tywin. It seemed everything was fine until Littlefinger came in and began to talk to Tywin about Renly's wife and her family. It was intense since Littlefinger knows Arya when she was in King's Landing. It was great to see Arya try to hide her face as she refilled their wine cups and Littlefinger trying to see her face. Later in the episode, Arya steals a message about Robb heading south before Tywin can see the message. Though a red cloak caught her outside his chambers, she goes to Jacquen and tells him to kill the guard immediately. It was a funny scene of dialogue and close calls but the episode did it perfectly.

In Qarth, Daenerys tries to find any way to get ships to cross the sea towards Westeros. Unfortunately for her, she has no allies in Westeros and no one gives her the ships when she promises fortunes. At the end of the episode, her dragons are taken from her bedroom.

This was a fast paced episode. I was glad when I hit the half way mark because I wanted to see more of the story unfold. Yes, Stannis was left out this week but it didn't matter. His time will come in the later episodes. Still, it was a fantastic episode. Bravo.


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Robb continues to win battles, Joffery shows his darker side and the Baratheon brothers meet, 28 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Garden of Bones", while showed a lot of story, showed more violence this time around. Having said that, I am very glad it turned out that way. Throughout this season so far we have seen a couple of violent scenes. This episode showed more torture than actual sword on sword violence but it was very well done.

The episode begins with Robb (The King in the North) winning another battle against the Lannister forces. After the battle, he helps a woman saw a prisoner's leg off because it has become infected. While it was her job, you could see that Robb felt sympathy for the woman and even thanked her for being at the battle. The woman didn't respond likely to Robb but it was nice to see Rob being normal again with the female doctor.

It doesn't take too long to show how King Joffery is taking his defeats against Robb. He brings Sansa to the throne room and wields a crossbow as he watches Sansa's clothes being torn off as her "punishment" for her brother's treason. Thankfully, Tyrion comes in and saves Sansa from more suffering. The madness of Joffery doesn't end there as the next scene involves him and two prostitutes in his chambers. Even though it was a gift from Tyrion to celebrate his past name day, Joffery orders one of the prostitutes to beat the other prostitute with his belt and then with an unlit torch (or so it looks like). I'm unsure if it was Joffery getting back at Tyrion for embarrassing him in the throne room or he just gets aroused from beating people . . . with objects that is.

Also in this episode, we finally see Daenery's continue her march into a city of Qarth. While at first they are reluctant to let her in when she doesn't reveal her dragons, one of the Twelves (the leaders of the city) allows her in as long as they don't do anything that could get them into trouble. So hopefully next episode, her story will finally progress.

Back in Westeros, Stannis and Renly Baratheon finally meet. From the start of their conversation, you can see that they have grown apart. Renly makes jokes and even tells his brother that no one wants him for their King. In the end, Stannis gives his brother the night to reconsider or else he will be destroyed. While it was a brief meeting, one can tell that this clash of the brothers will not end well.

At Renly's camp, Littlefinger enters Catelyn's tent and asks for a trade: Sansa and Arya for Jamie (Kingslayer) - even though he doesn't have Arya in King's Landing. After Cat draws a knife on Littlefinger, he gives her Ned's bones as a gift. Cat does not agree to the terms.

Also in this episode, Arya enters Harrenhal under the control of Tywin Lannister. At first, the prisoners are being tortured for information about the Brotherhood (who appear next season/book) and other things.

The ending is where we see "Game of Thrones" enter a new area. Melisandre, Stannis' priest, is brought to a dark cave with Davos (Stannis' trusty companion) and she gives birth to a shadow creature. This symbolizes that this show is now showing magic in their episodes - prepare for more of that to come.

I hate writing these reviews - they are so damn long. Having said that, I loved this episode. While we didn't see Jon Snow or Theon in this episode, the other characters were exceptional. We are nearly halfway through this season . . . and the best is yet to come. Prepare for a couple of surprises next episode.


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Theon chooses a side, Tyrion finds the Queen's rat and Robb's mother meets Renly, 17 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So there was no Daenerys this week nor was there Robb Stark or Joffery. While these characters were left out this episode, it was still a great episode. The storyline has continued to move forward at an incredible pace. Again, complements to the writers for suppressing a thousand page book into a single season.

The episode begins where it left off. Jon Snow is brought to the Lord Commander of the Night's watch after snooping around his host's business. When Jon tells the Commander about what he is doing to the children, Jon realizes that he already knew. It turns out that wildlings serve other Gods as well and have to do with sacrificing sons as apart of some ritual. While Jon nor the Lord Commander couldn't figure out what the beast was, we were able to figure out that it was the White Walkers who were receiving the babies.

Meanwhile, Theon is at a cross roads. Still at his homeland Pyke, he is trying to figure out who to help: Robb Stark and his war against the Lannisters or his father who has just declared war on the Starks. It was interesting to see how Theon's mind was so split on the idea of going against the family he was born with and the family who raised him. In the end, Theon writes out a warning note to Robb but then immediately sets it on fire to signify that he will stay with his father and sister. So this another plot twist in this episode that will become major as the season continues.

Back in King's Landing, Tyrion continues to have his "fun" as Hand of the King. It is quite clear from the get go, Tyrion is far more intelligent than Ned as the King's Hand. In this episode he was telling Littlefinger, Varys, and Grand Maester what his plans are for the princess to get her out of the capital before the war arrives. However, he tells each person a different location he wishes to put the princess. Later in the episode, Queen Cersei comes up to him and yells at him for sending the princess off to a certain location. While he had no intention of going about his plan, he was able to find the Queen's rat: the Grand Maester. During the interrogation, Tyrion is told that the Grand Maester went against Jon Arryn (the hand of the king before Ned Stark) and might have poisoned him to keeps his secrets safe.

While the trickery was great, the scene between Varys and Tyrion was very well done. The discussion was about where power resides. Not only was the dialog fluent and easy to comprehend, it was great to show that Kings sometimes don't hold all the power but the people who fight for him. Fantastic dialog and scene.

Also in this episode, Catelyn Stark arrives at the camp of Renly who has declared himself King. We also see Brienne of Tarth, a great character, but more on her in later reviews. Catelyn asks for Renly's allegiance with Robb. Though we don't quite get an answer, we do know that Renly plans on attacking King's Landing with his 100,000 men at his back.

The ending was probably the most suspenseful part of the episode. Arya and Yoren are talking about the day Ned was killed which led to someone attacking their camp. However, it was the Gold Cloaks (army from King's Landing) that attacked but Red Coats under the control of Tywin Lannister, the actual Hand of the King. Of course, a battle broke out and it was graphic and emotional that led to the death of Yoren. The real bad news is that Gendrick (Robert's bastard son) and Arya are now under Lannister forces.

Again . . . a lot of story was told this episode. Having said that, it was still a great episode. The real entertainment comes from the twists and turns that the story unfolds to the viewers with the nudity and violence being extra. "Game of Thrones" has become a great series to watch. It's dialog driven; something that is somewhat rare for the fantasy genre. This was yet another great episode to watch.

Now if you are loving this season so far . . . from a person who has read the second book this season is based on, you haven't seen anything yet.


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Theon returns home to talk about Robb's offer, but his father has other plans, 9 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Night Lands" was another strong episode. It's funny that throughout its twelve episodes that have aired, every single one has been very strong. I don't think I ever given an episode under an 8 before. The creators should be proud of that.

Season 2's second episode, while showed a lot of characters, was mainly about Theon sailing to his homeland of Pyke to talk to his father about joining Robb in his fight against the Lannisters. And after a (cough, cough) reunion with his sister, Theon's father decides to reject Robb's offer by tossing it into the fire. Even though his reward would that he would rule the Iron Islands as King, Theon's father wants to earn his reward by declaring war even though the father does not want to attack the Lannisters.

If you don't remember, Ned Stark destroyed Theon's father's revolt to become King of the Iron Islands years before. And when he lost, Ned took Theon to Winterfell.

Even though Theon was the main plot line, there were still great scenes to be shown. The episode first starts off by showing Arya on the road to the Wall. It was also great for Yoren (the leader of their group) threaten to kill a Gold Cloak who is looking for Gendry, King Robert's final bastard son, and kill him. It was also a great scene when Gendry tells Arya that she's a girl. Those lines is remembered right from the book. Again, the writers stick with the book's dialog and that's a good thing.

The other strong point was Tyrion. He had some great scenes this episode especially with Varys and a later scene with Cersei. The Cersei scene alone was tremendous. Not only we found out that Joffery was the one who ordered the attack on Robert's bastard sons but that she knew about it. You could see that she was getting very emotional. She now knows that she has created a monster for a King.

We also see Jon Snow and the ending was basically another plot twist. It seems that where they are staying, the husband is giving babies (probably sons) to the White Walkers (we haven't seen these guys sine the pilot). While it was a good twist, I wish there was more of him.

Oh and Stannis screws his sorceress Melisandre . . . . moving on.

While "The Night Lands" was a great episode, it still lacked. Daenery's one scene was way too short and we didn't see any Robb or his mother. We are now beginning to see that one episode isn't enough to show every character because there is way too much to cover. But the episode was strong though - it hasn't lost it's interest. The hour long episode went by pretty fast. I wanted more but I know I have to wait until next Sunday to see more of this season to unfold.


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We revisit the Westeros in this fantastic season premiere, 4 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first saw Game of Thrones a little over a year ago, I didn't not read any of the books. But when Ned's head was chopped off, Joffery wasn't the true heir and Robb has crowned himself as The King in the North, I couldn't wait any longer. So I decided to read the books. Now I'm watching this show from a different perspective and I am still amazed how well this episode was played out.

"The North Remembers" shows us how much this show will now jump around. With Ned Stark dead, there is no real center role to keep everything together. Even though Tyrion (played by Peter Dinklage who won an Emmy and Golden Globe for Supporting Actor last year) is now considered the overall fan favorite, he still fits in the supporting actor role; and it's better that way. The season will jump around a lot from Daenerys and her dragons to Robb Stark and his ongoing war against the Lannisters. For those who had problems remembering plot and characters from Season 1 might want a note pad handy - because it doesn't get any easier in Season 2.

The season premiere was all about showing where everyone is. I loved how it opened; they show King Joffery and much of a monster he has become by nearly drowning a knight in wine. I also loved that Tyrion is finally in King's Landing serving as Hand of the King that his sister, Queen Cersei, is not too happy about. Across the Narrow Sea, the episode showed Daenerys and her dragons heading east for shelter or civilization. While we were only able to see on dragon, it looked beautifully made. Robb Stark, the King in the North, sends his peace terms to King's Landing and wants the North to be separate from the Kingdom forever. We also see his wolf, that has grown since we have last seen it, test the imprisoned Jamie Lannister. The episode also shows Jon Snow north of the wall and we are told that a new king has also risen beyond the wall.

The episode shows some new faces. Stannis Baratheon, only mentioned in Season 1, finally comes on screen during a ritual that dealt with burning the old gods for the new God of Light that a sorceress, Melisandre, is performing. Stannis has declared himself the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and declares war on King Joffery.

Yes, the episode is full of information. They throw a lot at you and since this is only a ten episode season, it's required to show so much information. Having said that, they did a marvelous job of bringing the book to the TV screen. The little game between Cersi and Littlefinger (also known as Lord Baelish) was tremendous and shows what power really is. The ending with all of King Robert's bastard sons was beautifully done. Though I wish we could have seen more Arya (who only appears before the credits role), everything else about it was fantastic.

"The North Remembers" was about bringing everyone up to speed again and now the show should continue with great pace. This is a 1000 page book they are trying to squeeze into ten episodes. So far, the show is doing beautifully. I can't wait to see how everything else is played out. Even though I have read the book, I am still eager to "see" what happens next.


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Season 2 comes to a close with an excellent finale (Season 2 Review included), 19 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of the viewers watching "The Walking Dead" finale were finally happy to see the group leave the farm. I couldn't be more happy to see the barn go up in flames. Now my response isn't a "Finally, they left the farm" because it is just the opposite. I was happy to see the farm become overrun by walkers because of Rick's speech that I will get to later.

The episode itself started off with walkers seeing a helicopter fly by in a city (the same helicopter that Rick saw in the Pilot) and they begin to walk in that direction. As the walkers continue to follow the same direction, they hear Carl's gunshot and they immediately change directions and enter the vicinity of the farm. While I personally don't think it was a good way to show how the walkers came out of the forest, it doesn't ruin the experience. Because by the time the credits role, you are ready to see Hershel and his family team up with the group and defend the farm. The first half hour or so is all about killing zombies and they did it pretty well. Whether it was Andrea shooting out of a car while T-Dog ran over zombies or Rick setting the barn full of walkers on fire with Carl, the episode never ceased to be suspenseful.

However, some were unable to make it out alive as Jimmy was eaten alive in the RV and Patricia's neck was completely torn off. But they are the only two characters that died. I was actually surprised that Hershel did not come to his end especially when he told the group, "This is my farm, I'll die here." but it never came to be. Though I am happy that he is alive as he is one of my favorite characters. The other person I thought was going to die was Carol who basically serves no purpose whatsoever. After losing Sophia in the mid-season finale, you have to wonder if there is any reason to keep her alive.

There are many other strong points to this episode. One of the biggest is Andrea running for her life in the woods. Sure she wasted all of her ammo and even bashed some heads in with her gun but I was really surprised when a hooded person comes out of nowhere and decapitates a zombie attacking her. Now I never read the comics so I have no idea who this character is but I can't wait to finally see who this person is. Another big plot twist was that Rick told the group that they are all infected with this virus. The doctor at the military base at the end of Season 1 whispered into his ear but didn't believe him until he saw Shane come back from the dead. But the whole group felt a little betrayed that Rick did not tell them when he first heard it. This then led to an amazing speech by Rick. His speech was filled with so much anger. He's sick and tired of everyone questioning his actions even though he had to kill his own best friend to save the group. The last couple of words he said was, "This isn't a democracy anymore" which basically says that the group will listen to Rick no matter what anyone else believes. Outstanding way to end the season. I couldn't have loved it anymore.

The episode didn't come without it's problems unfortunately. The main problem was Lori. When Rick said that he killed Shane, she felt betrayed that Rick would actually do that or she felt so angry that it actually came to this . . . I don't get it. In one episode, she was telling Rick that Shane is dangerous and won't stop until he gets what he wants and in another she was telling Shane how she feels so bad for screwing up Shane's life. The writing on Lori's character is so dumb it's not even funny. Fix the writing or drop the character because it's not working.

"Beside the Dying Fire" wasn't the best episode of the season but it sure was one of the more exciting. They ended the season very well. They got rid of the farm, Rick has become a more darker character and the democracy they once knew is completely gone. Dale would be ashamed.


Season 2 Review: Season 2 started off slowly. The whole Sophia plot was unnecessary and it lasted way too long. Sure the change in Shane's character kept us interested in the first half of the season but it wasn't enough to really make us feel emotional for any character. But when the second half began, it was fantastic. The episodes became fast paced and characters that we loved died. Dale and Shane were some of the best characters this series has to offer and with them gone, it'll be interesting to see how the other characters become. There are memorable scenes from this season: Shane killing Otis, everyone's infected, and the climatic scene between Shane and Rick. Sure the season had its problems (mostly in writing) but they weren't really noticeable to be problem. "The Walking Dead" will return in the fall and hopefully this prison (seen in the final moments of the finale) will bring some new characters and new conflicts to a group that is now being ruled under a dictator.

Season 2: 9.4

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