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Intense and atmospheric Giallo. A classic., 22 August 2015

One of the best early Gialli that offers the elements all we love from this sub-.genre in all of its glorious fashion. The atmosphere is fantastic and the script keeps you intrigued since the sexy opening.

The death sequences are brutal and insane (all about the acupuncture technique to paralyze victims), and the dark tone of the film is perfectly displayed on screen.

The fantastic performance of the Inspector, played by a very well known actor in this sub-genre, totally carries the weight of the film on his back.

The only problem I find with the movie is the middle section of it, where it gets redundant and almost boring. However, it recovers near the climax.

Die hard fans of the sub-genre will find amusing to notice "someone" really important from another fantastic Giallo, "The House of the Laughing Windows" (1978).

An animated masterpiece that manages to encourage the younger to be better people., 22 August 2015

I watched this movie with my grandma three years ago. I chose it because of the positive reviews I came upon before deciding to record it on HBO HD.

I couldn't have chosen a better movie to watch with my favorite person in the world. "How to train your Dragon" is perhaps the most emotional movie for kids in recent times; and the best thing about it, is that it can be enjoyed by adults.

The animation is amazing, breathtaking, cannot say anything better about it. The soundtrack is also flawless as well as the direction.

However, the script is the best feature about it because it constantly evolves and displays a very powerful and positive message for the younger.

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Just what you expect., 22 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well I got more than expected from this one. I caught it on t.v. at around 3:00 a.m. and I had a good time because the pace is smooth, there are plenty of sexy moments, interesting facts about real life sugar daddies, and how some young women would do anything to live like the rich.

The script is pretty straight forward but the twist regarding a murder raised the intensity of the pace so the audience can be really interested.

Taylor Gildersleeve is a very good actress and her performance is the highlight of the movie. She's sexy, looks vulnerable, and at some point, she's brave. Thank you Ms. Gildersleeve for wearing those short and skimpy outfits :)

Lost Boy (2015/II)
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Does not deliver expectations..., 22 August 2015

Well, the premise is very interesting and makes you think about many possibilities regarding the "lost boy" character.

To be honest with you, I only watched it for morbid curiosity; I mean, I expected the "lost boy" to terrorize the family in unlike ways, not in the likes of "Saw", but, situations like in "The Hand that Rocks the Craddle" (1992). However, the situations are very lame and soon you lose empathy towards the main character.

The script is very weak and never fully explains the origin of the lost boy or who really "took him" when he was an infant.

Virginia Madsen is fantastic as always and her portrayal of a mother that cannot cope with the lose of a son but keeps the hope for many years is perfect.

Watch it only if it airs at 2:00 a.m.

Not bad at all, but lacks a point..., 22 August 2015

I am aware it is Dustin's version; however, it misses the point on describing the real problems and frictions between the cast. They barely display the character's personalities, hobbies, and their life outside the set, which would be helpful to understand some issues.

Instead, the script focuses on describing things we already knew. I know, it is Dustin's story, but a little more objectivity wouldn't hurt.

The acting is surprisingly good, specially the young man that plays Dustin. The rest of the cast does perfectly their job although it seems they haven't seen the original Saved by the Bell series.

I would definitely recommend this one for fans of the series, like myself. I grew watching this series and became part of my life, so, getting extra information after 22 years was a good nostalgic touch, although I expected to see more of the "private" details.

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Refreshing., 22 August 2015

To be honest with you, fellow IMDb reviewers; I had low expectations towards "Casi Treinta" because of its cast, its marketing campaign, and because it forms part of a brand new style in Mexican cinema that focuses more on being entertaining rather than presenting a quality story and important production values.

Well, I got what expected but was a bit surprised to find that there was some depth meaning in the story.

While some scenes can be taken out from any Mexican soap opera or even any party with your friends; it manages to show its point regarding having almost thirty years old and not living the life you want, but living the life of someone else.

Some of the scenes may seem superficial and not that well acted, but, it is part of the atmosphere and situation in Sonora, in the North of México.

The cast was very good as well as the music. The Direction is just standard, pretty much "point-and-click"; and the cinematography is gorgeous.

Give it a try for two reasons: 1) You are in your early 30's like me and you may feel related with some of the characters.

2) You want to have mindless fun with this new wave of Mexican cinema.

Possibly the most realistic "romantic" film., 7 February 2015

The realistic relationship between the starring couple is what makes this movie an excellent display of mature relationships of young couples.

It treats topics as work life, resentment, frustration, and the always polemic "what would if...?" relevant moments in someone's life.

The chemistry between Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling is magnetic. Both actors demonstrate why they are amongst the best actors of their generation.

You may relate to this movie so beware because the experience is not positive at all. However, it should be a wake up call for troubled couples.

The most American-Giallo. Stylish, sexual, violent, and inventive., 7 February 2015

Fantastic entry in the Giallo sub-genre from Director De Palma who knows perfectly his references, mainly Dario Argento, although he has denied to being influenced by the Italian maestro.

This film is very sexual, violent, and creative in terms of plot. It also features plenty of humor courtesy of the young son of one of the killer's victims because of his investigation techniques (ahead of their time).

The acting is stellar, the plot very intriguing, and the gore is fantastic although is only present in one scene. Dario Argent should be proud of the elevator scene.

A great addition to the Giallo sub-genre.

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Plenty of fun!, 7 February 2015

Ahead of it's time Classic Monster movie. I came to appreciate this movie after a 2013 London showing in some sort of drive-in in the middle of the river.

It was a fantastic experience because the movie is campy and offers plenty of black humor situations mainly created by the presence of the creature, who may be ahead of its time.

The settings are well done, the whole experience in the boat is tense, and the Creature is awesome looking!

The lead female character is extremely sexy and loves to show off her legs plus she looks like Jennifer Connelly, which is a good thing ;)

The campy situations and the nerve-tensing music may damage the experience but it is a fun experience nevertheless.

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Good for a young audience who may want to get into the Horror genre., 7 February 2015

I had the chance to watch this flick during a hot Saturday afternoon in London, in a floating cinema (2013) and I had a good time for two reasons:

-The film is directed by a young and smart teenage girl who has seen many vampire movies. -I could ask her a question through a Skype interview. She told me she was influenced by classic vampire movies such as The Lost Boys and mostly Near Dark. That is a plus because clearly she knows her references very well.

The gore is minimum but very well done and you can say that she likes blood in her stories.

I give it a 5 because it is a naive film oriented for a young audience.

Let's keep an eye to this girl, she may do good things for our genre in the near future.

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