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Superb Heroes, 24 April 2015

Jumping right in to the action, this is one heck of a thrill ride only slowing the pace for a few moments to give a little back story to several characters that have not had their own film, and the new characters. I enjoyed the fight scenes immensely, with one in particular that had me grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Fans of the Marvel movies will already know what to expect from Thor, Iron man and Captain America, and the real delight for me came from the new arrivals, especially Paul Bettany as Vision.

The Real highlight for me was the villain Ultron. The way he looks and moves combined with the amazing voice from James Spader gives Ultron real screen presence and a great sense of menace that sets it apart from other robots in film.

The only thing I would have changed in this movie was to give Anthony Mackie a bigger part in it because i really enjoyed his performance in Captain America: the Wintrr Soldier, and was disappointed not to have him alongside Chris Evans again where he seemed to fit perfectly in his previous appearance. Vastly enjoyable film for all except the art crowd.

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This is the new benchmark, 2 August 2014

What is the point of continuing to make films when you have made an action packed extravaganza like the Avengers already? The answer is so that you can produce a film like Guardians of the galaxy! Essentially, Guardians is everything that was right about the Avengers, minus what was wrong with it (not that there was much wrong with it).

The story is extremely well paced, with no time to get bored between the action scenes as these are separated with essential plot details and very amusing comedy lines. The villain does not get to do much, but this film has to introduce so very many characters, locales, items and ideas that the lack of development for the bad guy can be expected and not judged to badly.

Rocket and Groot steal so many of the scenes that it automatically makes them the easiest characters to love, but Pratt's Star Lord is still a great character perfectly cast. Gamora was not as lethal as I would have liked, but was still well played and Dave Bautista As Drax is the best performance i have seen from a wrestler, being better than even Dwane Johnson.

The special effects are visually stunning, with lots of colour and detail in the environments. Rocket and Groot look amazing and the first proper look at Thanos was also pleasing. Even the make-up effects look good, when added to the performance of Micheal Rooker, you get even better supporting characters to compliment the main cast.

If the success of Avengers gave Marvel the confidence to make this relatively obscure comic into a film, then i hope that this film brings in the kind of money that proves it was the right choice so that more brilliant characters can be shown to the general public. Marvel, Please keep making films of this quality!

Inception (2010)
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What is the big deal?, 29 June 2014

This is an entertaining film with a clever plot and interesting ideas, but why do people rave about it being the greatest film of the decade? It really is no more revolutionary than the Matrix was in the 90's, it most definitely is not as masterfully made as the Lord of the Rings films, and the action is no better than any other sci-fi or super-hero film that comes out.

As said, I enjoyed the film and is certainly enjoyable, but I would not be eager to watch it again as I don't think it is one of those films that can be watched over and over. Is it just the legion of Nolan fans? Or am I missing something that makes people give this a 10/10?

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its, well, not the best game., 17 May 2014

I bought this game on ps4, and it really isn't worthy of a next gen console. It is a straight port from the old machines so the graphical quality is just not as good as it should be.

I have played every Spiderman game that Beenox has made, and this one continues to be an adequate game, the story pays plenty of fan service to readers of Spiderman comics, the side missions add a bit more content for longevity and the rewards for doing it make it worthwhile. Although the game is quite fun and is an OK addition to the Spiderman games, It fails to offer anything that has not been seen in the other games, and sometimes just feels like a re-hash of the previous game.

The voice acting is not brilliant, but it does the job. Stan Lee has a brilliant part in the game and deserves the respect that he gets for his creations. To summarize, its not bad, but its nothing special. I wouldn't rush out and buy it unless you are a massive Spiderman fan, or have finished your other games and need something to play.

The Wolf Among Us (2013) (VG)
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Decent all round game, NOT for kids., 17 April 2014

Based on the comic books 'Fables', this game is a story based RPG where your choices have an effect on the rest of the story. Made by the same people that gave us the brilliant Walking Dead and Back to the Future games, this game is the same style as those, but has a little more action in it. The animation is spot on for the feel of the game, giving a touch of brightness to what is, at is heart, a very dark and gritty tale that is meant for the mature gamer.

The characters are well done and are a fresh take on classic fairy tale characters, almost like the television series 'Once upon a time'. I loved this games take on Georgie Porgie, and there are numerous little hints and nods to many of the well known characters that may not appear in the game.

All in all, the adult content makes this game a refreshing experience, and the episodic release means that there is no rush to play the game and you can play through it bit by bit making it last longer. I hope games like this continue to be made and that the level of quality is on par with this game.

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Winter soldier, best movie this spring!, 5 April 2014

I was so very happy with this movie, I walked out of the cinema feeling that it was probably the best way I could have spent my evening.

Chris Evans has hit his stride in the role of Captain America. Every time he plays Steve Rogers, he gets better at it. The first avenger was a shaky start, with many characters being introduced and never being given any more to do or say in the film. In the Avengers, he comes forward as the tactical mind of the team, but is overshadowed by the ego of the powerhouse characters. This film however gives him the full attention while still managing to develop Black Widow, Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., and do a more than decent job of introducing Mackie's Falcon.

I really enjoyed the way that the plot moves and shifts, making this so much different from many other comic book movies. The focus is on plot, characters and back-stories as much as the action, although there is still plenty of action too. Well choreographed fights, excellent visual effects and innovative ideas for gadgets and missions in the film make for a thrilling ride of a movie I hope that this level of quality continues to come from Marvel Studios, and as long as it does they will have the monopoly on the summer blockbusters for the foreseeable future. Bring on Guardians of the Galaxy!

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Dreadful, Geoge Lucas should refund everyone for this., 24 November 2013

I will never watch this film again, I have only seen it twice, once at the cinema way back then, and once recently to check that it really was THAT bad. The only reason I did not give this a score of 1/10 is that i believe no film deserves that as it takes time and effort to make any film.

Ray Park was the best thing about this film, and when the best part only says 3 lines, its got to be bad. the special effects were brilliant for their time, but now are nothing special so don't add anything to the (bad) experience of watching it.

Anyone who gave this film more than a 4/10 is a fan-boy (or girl) of epic proportions. I would rather spend a day watching Twilight playing on loop for a day than watch this again. For the manual on how to ruin one of the greatest sagas on film, contact George Lucas. Disney cannot possibly any worse than this!

Star Wars (1977)
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game changer, but the saga peaked at the start, 21 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is no denying that this film was the start of something big, and you cannot take away from it the fact that it changed the face of the sci-fi genre, maybe even the whole film industry, in to what it is today. For its time, the effects, story, characters and detail in this film are are beyond exemplary. Most action and sci-fi films aim to be compared to star wars, a feat that is rare and, in my opinion, has only been achieved by Terminator 1 and 2, the lord of the rings trilogy and marvels: the avengers.

A new hope works brilliantly as a first chapter to a saga, however, I feel that it works better as a stand alone film. Unlike many films that are a 'first part', it has a beginning, middle and end, tells everything that needs to be told and leaves the characters in a satisfying place. I feel that having seen the prequels does not diminish anything about this film like it does to episodes five and six.

The only problem that I have is that the original theatrical release doesn't really exist anymore, you can only really get the version that has been tinkered with by Lucas to put needless CGI extras in. This is the original and best of the star wars saga, however i do feel that many people see this through rose tinted glasses and will not see any faults in any of the three original films, even though they are happy to say that the three prequels do not exist as far as they are concerned. Awesome film, great legacy, and now that Disney has the rights away from Lucas, a great future too.

Saints Row IV (2013) (VG)
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Huge amounts of crazy, lots of fun too., 31 August 2013

The first Saints Row game that i played was the third one, and This one takes a lot of material from its Predecessor. The city is the same so if you learned where things were, you will have no problems with navigation. The best thing about these games is the comedy found in everything, from the names of places to the content of conversations between characters. Some game take themselves far too seriously but this is a refreshing break from that.

Some refer to these games as Grand Theft Auto's little sibling, but I think that it is different enough to stand alone as an adult game, without the comparisons by simply having the craziest storyline and missions in games. Another big bonus is the character design aspect that allows you to create you own character in the same way as Skyrim and other games. This makes it personal to you, rather than being given a set character that you have no attachment to at the start.

The only criticism I have of this game would probably be that there may be a little too much repetition on the collectible side of things. most games that I have played have 50-200 items to find. I was a bit daunted by the Amazing spider-man game having 700! but over 1200 here may get boring for the people like me, who play to 100% complete, by the end of the game.

All in all, a very entertaining game that deserves to be played! If you enjoy this game as much as I have then it will be money well spent!

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
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Complete and utter excellence, 26 August 2013

I had heard a lot of bad things about this before i went in to see it, but I loved the first film, so I was never not going to see this. All the bad comments that i have heard have come from people who either haven't seen the original or are over 50 years old with little to connect them with the characters or the whole super hero genre.

I thought that this was a fantastically fun and imaginative story, with humor coming from both genre related in-jokes and gross out visual violence. Perfect casting in Jim Carrey and John Leguizamo. Chloe Grace Moretz Continues to shine as Hit Girl and steals the show in most scenes that she is in. Olga Kurkulina is genuinely and terrifyingly believable as Mother Russia.

This was the most fun I've had at the movies for a couple of years, and anyone who enjoyed the first film should love this. I really hope that Kick-ass 3 gets made as there are a lot of tantalizing bits that leave you wondering what may happen in a future sequel. My only criticism would be that I think it should have been rated 18 rather than 15 due to the very graphic violence and disturbing scenes.

All in all: A must see!

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