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Don 2 (2011)
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Brilliant SRK comeback. Watch even if you're not a fan of SRK., 23 December 2011

This movie was beautifully produced for a Bollywood movie. I even suspect that it can be listed with the all time greats such as Mission Impossible. The action sequences are brilliant and not overdone (which is rare for Bollywood). The story is extremely amazing and there are a few twists and turns that I was not expecting at all. The movie is very suspenseful, yet it grabbed my attention. I was in the theater and I don't think that there was one person in there who was not screaming! From Don's entry all the way to the romantic dialogues, this is a much watch film for Bollywood lovers. To keep it short and to the point: SRK was brilliant (as he is most of the time, but the villainous role was brilliantly done), Priyanka was quite good (even though she wasn't in the movie that much), and Boman Irani and the person who played Jabbar were quite good as well. Acting: 9/10, Screenplay: 10/10, Dialogues: 9/10, and overall: 9/10.

Ra.One (2011)
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Unbelievably good. One of Bollywood's best. Don't even listen to others. It's a must watch., 31 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't understand where to start on reviewing this movie. It is unbelievably good for a Bollywood movie. I've seen many. From Dabangg and Bodyguard to Ghajini and Ra.One. Ra. One is the best out of all of them by far. I admit, the direction of Ghajini is amazing, but nothing compares to the amazing VFX and SFX of this movie. The story is great. I don't care what other people say. They must be looking at it from a Hollywood perspective. You can't compare Hollywood movies to Bollywood. But, even if you do, with this movie, you cannot go wrong. Yes, The Dark Knight and Tron are technically better movies. But, you must look at their big budgets. I cannot believe a Bollywood movie could afford to spend $25 million on a movie. And they have used every penny to their benefit. Yes, some fight scenes do last a bit long... but then again, it is a action movie. You want to see what G. One can do. Arjun Rampal plays Ra. One in an amazing way. You can actually feel that he is unstoppable in the movie. Shahrukh Khan as always has taken the show away. It actually seems like he is a robot, but he has the heart of a human. *Spoiler* I must say the way G. One dies after killing Ra. One, anyone watching this movie properly could cry. But, don't worry, he comes back to life at the end and you might happily cry again. *Spoiler ends* All in all, it was an amazing attempt by Indian filmmakers and Indian actors. Kareena was okay. She has played a very small role. The kid that plays Prateek is pretty good for a first-timer. 9/10 for the movie and 10/10 for the attempt. You shouldn't miss a chance to see such a blockbuster. And by the way (for the haters)--- stop comparing this to Hollywood movies. Learn to love your own culture and own movies. This is by far one of the best Bollywood has to offer and is sure to break many box office records. A sure 250 crores plus blockbuster.

* By the way, my review is not partial to Shahrukh Khan. Yes, I am a huge fan. But, I don't see the point in comparing SRK to Salman. I liked Wanted and Dabangg, but I actually liked Ra. One better.

* One bit of an advisory--- There are some scenes that aren't meant for children. If you're taking kids under 14 or so, watch out for a few scenes.

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Great fun to watch, with none of the adult content, 2 October 2011

As we see today, directors are making movies like Delhi Belly and Dil To Baccha Hain Ji, which contain cheap humor and are not suitable for family viewing. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan contains no such thing apart from the b- word and s-word (uttered once by Katrina Kaif). On the whole though, it's a movie that's watchable with family, and even though it's over 2 hours long, it won't bore you. Imran Khan and Ali Zafar are great and Katrina has actually acted well in this film. That's a plus point, considering that she's not been a great actor in previous films. I would consider it a one-time watch. It's funny, but the jokes are lame. It wouldn't be funny if watched twice.