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Visādas diezgan interesantas filmas.
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See my other lists for teen and LGBT drama movies.
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Vērtīgas, zīmīgas un/vai interesantas filmas, ko iesaku noskatīties Lindiņai.
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In this list you're gonna find the titles of art house, low-budget, avant-garde and independent films that are aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. Aesthetics above commercial profit. Authorial expressiveness above clear story.

Only films I've seen myself!
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I have seen and loved.
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Movies about artists, writers, musicians etc.
Only those I've seen and liked.
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I've seen and loved.
For LGBT teen drama movies search in my list "Great LGBT Movies"
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I've seen and liked.
Some are with fantasy elements.
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I have seen and liked.
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Rare pearls and commercial Burton-type movies -- all in one list.
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worth watching
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and liked
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I have seen and liked.
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I have seen.
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Only great and worth-watching ones.
Some of the movies are somewhat between horror and thriller.
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I have seen and liked.
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The films of my childhood and teenage years that awoke very personal associations. There are the films that you soon forget... but these are the films that I've watched many times and the films that touch the core of my heart and bring back whole chapters of my life. When I watch these films, I travel in time... back to the times-gone-by that have evaporated in bittersweet memories. Catharsis films.
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Writers, producers, directors who make masterpieces. Where cinema, great storytelling and art melt into one.

I also added my favourite films in the description.
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And their best movies, in my opinion.
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The taste of winter and wonders.
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Movies I rated 9 or 10.