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All Shows I watches at least 1 Episode of
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Nothing better to get you out of a bad mood, than watching one of these movies.
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Movies that are suspensfull and kinda scary but not gory or graphic.
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All the movies on this list have a huge spoiling potential. So if you want to watch them, don't go on the internet and read up on them or listen to your friends talk about it - that would spoil the movie. :-)

Know any great additions to my list ? Please leave a comment.
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Try to guess the important plot twists & reveals of the movie. Or maybe in some cases answer the question "What the **** is this movie even about?".
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Horror Movies that are not big productions / independent movies & not very well known movies
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How fast can you correctly guess the answers to questions like: "Who's the killer?" "Who's going to survive?" or in some cases "What is this movie even about ?!"
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Movies with Twists & big Reveals - Have fun guessing them
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Some Movies have awesome trailers but then don't deliver. Or they promise you a great cast that dies in the first 10 Minutes. And some movies have everything they need to be great, a good director, awesome screenplay, good actors, but just aren't.

I'm listing some of those movies here. I'll try to explain why they were a disappointment without giving away any important Spoilers, so that you can decide for yourself if you want to watch the movie or not - but I did warn you. :-)

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