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Here's a list of the BEST romantic movies I've watched and these are my favorites. chick flick and feel good movies!! i bet only the romantics can appreciate my list.
These films are all about L❤VE..
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In my opinion, these are the hottest actors! They not necessarily have good acting skills.. They are simply hot hot hot!!
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these are the movies that made me really sob.
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Here's my top list of actors with the most captivating eyes. I'm swoon just by staring at those eyes.
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oh look at those eyes!! I think they have the most amazing and captivating eyes!!
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In my opinion, these are the top hottest actresses.
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These are my favorite best actresses bcuz they're so versatile. They can portray different roles and appear so natural on screen. Not only are they great in their role portrayal but also desirable actresses. I mean, there are other good actresses out there but they're nor really my favorites.. (lol) These are on top of my list cuz I think they're the best! :)
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My list of the hottest actors in their 50's and above
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