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13 Seconds (2003) (V)
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Startling, Frightening, Twisted, and Outstanding, 13 November 2003

"13 Seconds" is one mind blowing, scary experience that deserves to be seen twice! I had the privilege of catching this new film at Screamfest and I must say that for 90 minutes nobody could remove their eyes from the screen. The story moves furiously, never letting any one relax as the film races from death scene to death scene! The special effects were incredible for an independent film. The scene of the band member being clawed and forced under the bed had this gore fan grinning. I even jumped at some of the jolts-and I rarely ever do that. Some of the acting lacked star quality-but what independent film is not guilty of that? However, ten minutes into this film and you will be hooked by the visuals, scares, and story that leads to an ending that will unexpectedly blow you away.