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Absolutely terrible. Don't bother, 18 April 2013

Absolutely terrible movie. I'm not a movie critic so I won't pretend to write like one. This movie, however, was bad enough that I felt I had to leave a review just to warn people off it.

I haven't read the book, its not that I feel the movie did the book a disservice, I dislike the movie solely on its own demerits. I don't believe in any of the characters, everything from the cheesy one liners to the badly choreographed fight scenes was so unbelievable that the whole movie lost any credibility even as a story and became unwatchable.

Don't watch this movie

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Six seasons and a movie, 1 October 2011

Six seasons and a movie is most assuredly what will not happen with this series. I was excited about this show as I loved Hornsby's character in 'Always sunny in Philadelphia' and I'm a big Rhys Darby fan, however neither actor lived up to my expectations. I'm very confused as to who this show is aimed at. The main character (Hornsby) seems to be a copy of Niles from Frasier, while I'm sure there is a demographic for a character for this sort, I'm honestly baffled as to why anyone would think this demographic would enjoy the, dumbed down American teen humor, format that the show is presented in. All the subtleties that make Darby funny just don't work with the brash laughter track in this show. While I would love to see him get the opportunity he deserves after the tour de force that was 'Murray' in 'Flight of the conchords', he is not suited to this 'classic American sitcom' format, or prehaps just this particular show. As for Dillon and the rest of the cast, I hesitate to pass judgment after seeing two actors that I have enjoyed in the pass humbled on this particular show. It is almost as if the show set out to be a satire of bad American sitcoms and ended up becoming the very thing it was meant to be poking fun at. Overall this show is a disappointment and I won't be recommending it to anyone.