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In the Blink of an Eye (2009 Video)
Shocked viewers?
29 September 2011
To all of you shocked viewers. I watched this on Netflix and it says right on the genre of the movie at the bottom that it is a Religious, spiritual movie. That is just one point but also that any movie that is by Pure Flix is also a Spiritual movie. Sorry to You non believers but there is no reason that a faith based movie shouldn't be allowed in the mainstream seeing how This country is a free country and though it was found on the basis of God and our money does state " In god we trust." I think the fact that we have freedom to believe what we want is great. So stop trying to justify your non belief and if you do not like our "cold callings" well don't watch it, and next time maybe research a movies genre before watching it if you are that strongly against things. I love movies that are faith based, and I also love the Lord he gives life meaning and he died for our sins and this movie shows examples of his grace. No one can push beliefs on you, you watched the movie, you can hit stop. Its your choice.
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