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Carrie (2013)
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Not what I expected, 29 October 2013

I have seen the original Carrie long time ago and I loved it. When I heard the remake was coming out, I was very excited because I thought this movie will blow my mind considering how special effects evolved in the past decades. Unfortunately, for me this was not the case.

I find the movie slow and all the action for me happened in the last 10 min. The movie was interesting but it was missing the tense atmosphere that a movie based on King would have. I find that the movie was "overacted" at parts and it was definitely "missing" something.

The effects of the killings were definitely good....I was happy with this portion of the movie. They entertained me and were very descriptive.

Overall, I would say that the original was much better even shot long time ago. I was a bit disappointed as the movie did not come even close to the original one let alone surpassing it.

Sharknado (2013) (TV)
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OK idea but full with goofs, 12 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is OK......not great but watchable. For a TV movie the idea is good but there are too many "obvious" goofs that could have been avoided if the writers payed more attention. I would say I was not very impressed but somehow I kept watching for some reason.

The only thing that really bothered me was the obvious mistakes in the movie......For example, water level on streets will be low, then in few minutes very high, and then low again........people will be walking in ankle deep water but out of a sudden it is deep enough for a shark and in few seconds ankle deep again......writers should make it more realistic by at least taking care of minor goofs like that. The are other mistakes that in real life will be impossible (cars almost under water driving).

Cast is not bad.....people did a decent job......The effects are very "computerized"....not much money put there to make them more realistic....but the movie is watchable. The story itself is crazy.....come on....sharks flying out of sewers and through windows......

I would say you shouldn't have great expectations for the quality of this movie but it is not bad for watching. There are few funny lines and it will make your curiosity stay on so you see what happens at the end.


The Bay (2012/II)
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Good pace and keeps attention, 21 March 2013

The movie is a good "found footage" movie. It is able to tell the story in details without leaving you not knowing what's going on. It is capable of keeping you watching until the end.

The pace of the movie is good.....unlike some movies where all the interesting stuff happens at the end, here you have a good development in steady pace until the end. I think this is important to keep the viewer watching the movie.

The topic of the story is good because it is realistic and something that is possible of happening. I am not a biologist but the explanation they gave in the movie was good enough for me to take it as something that had happened and is quite possible. It is down to Earth...not far-fetched.

The acting was good in terms of it looked like ordinary people who would take home videos. That was perfect for the purpose of the movie and I am glad there was no overacting or overdramatizing that would not usually occur in real life. Good representation of "reality".

Mama (2013/I)
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Interesting story, 22 February 2013

It is so hard to find a horror movie with a good story. Most horror movies rely on jump scare but what makes a perfect horror is the good story that puts everything together. This movie has all of that.

This movie contains good scary parts. The fact that little girls are involved always make the movie scarier. There are some minor goofs but nothing that would spoil the bigger picture. The creators did an amazing job by making the movie scary enough to keep you entertained without overwhelming you. This movie is a good change from most of the horror jump scare movies they have been showing recently.

Last but not least, I would like to say that little Isabelle did an amazing acting job in her role. Very good performance for such a young actress.

I recommend this movie!

"Grimm" (2011)
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Best show ever!, 18 December 2012

If you are looking for an original interpretation of the Grimm brothers tales, this is your show!

I absolutely love the way how the writers combined tales, crime and everyday life. It is so nicely written that you will not be able to wait for the next episode :).

I love how the show is not too dark but has a lot of "creatures" and spooky stuff meanwhile. The special effects are good cast is well selected. I really wish I could congratulate the creator of the show personally because it has been a while since I have had such deep "love" towards a TV show.


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Simple and fun :), 16 December 2012

When I saw the beginning of the first episode I thought "Oh Gosh....another bad comedy-wanna-be with horrible effects". By the time I finished the episode my mind was completely changed.

The effects are bad but it is on purpose. The aim of the show is to be silly and entertaining. They have simple plot with lots of funny moments. What I like best is that this show doesn't "try" too hard to be funny. Jokes are in the right place and moment which makes the show entertaining to watch.

Despite the low overall review people gave the show (too underestimated) I recommend that you watch the first 2 episodes and make up your mind. I am personally enjoying the season so far. :)

Jersey on Ice (2012) (TV)
This show puts shame to figure skating, 13 December 2012

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I am a figure skater and I was excited to see this show. After I finished watching it I couldn't believe how angry I was. This show is a disgrace to the figure skating sport and coaching.

To begin with, the skaters are low level for their age and the coaches presented them as "olympians". Those coaches should get down to Earth and realize what's going on. The competition did not seem "real" and made no sense. I don't say it has to be like a Championship competition....I have been to small regional ones and they do not look like that.

The coaches are brutal. Those women are so disrespectful and ridiculous! Not only they act like they are in a circus but they involve the children in the middle. These cows make coaches look bad and they also make figure skating look like a lame sport. If I watch that show and I am a parent I will never bring my kids to those people.

I understand the show tries to be funny but no matter how hard I tried, I just see it as another "Honney Boo Boo" type of a show that shouldn't be aired.

By far one of the best episodes!, 15 August 2012

I am a huge fan of the show and I have seen all episodes so far. I have to say this one is by far one of my favourite.

The ghost story was beyond amazing. I am a horror movie lover and I usually don't get scared easily but this story really got me. I wish they stayed for one more night to document more stuff. The sounds and images that the crew collected were very interesting.

The second part of the episode was not as strong as the ghost hunt but it has some parts that can get your attention. I am amazed how the team is taking on such assignments considering the risk of encountering wild life, such as wolves and bears.

To sum up, this episode was quite entertaining and I highly recommend it....especially if you like ghost stories.