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If you want to know, there is some movie about them!
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if you have watch this, just vote or sign up and vote!
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***My English is bad*** Maybe world doesn't know about our cinema instead of our popular tourism, but in 10 to 40 local movie every year released by our country. Some of them are good and awesome. Here some of our goods! Enjoy it!>_< TERIMA KASIH
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no description! They are just bad, that's all!
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Nowadays, after being surrounded by a lot of ghost. Gangster came taking places!
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Malaysia have a lot of horror movie! Some of them good, some of them bad and here is the complete list since pre-independence!
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Cult filmmaker mean a director who have follower all around him in this earth. They usually active in making movie each year (not at all), usually they have one or two masterpiece work that make their name memorable. What a real cult actually is, their fans not watching their movie because its good or not but the real reason is the DIRECTOR!
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They always make the movie worst!Some of them are not, but majority are ruined! This list may prove!
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I'm a big fans of Kim Jee Woon and I have watch all his movie. Now I will list down all his movie from best to poor (no worst though!) and some review!
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This is just my opinion! I love Joon Ho Bong!
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I have watch all of them, sometimes they're good sometimes they're crap. Most are crap, but if you want fun, watch it one by one and you will happy! LOL!