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Films expected to be released in 2012 that I cannot wait to see!
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I am quite young and have not seen many of the classics or many older films. This list is ever changing and hopefully one day it will include many of the classics I have not seen (godfather, fight club, clockwork orange) but for now, this is a list of my favourite films. feel free to comment and recommend movies for me to watch.
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Probably not the most comprehensive list of action films, but I do like a bit more thatn boobs, blood and bacon. Here are some of my favourite action movies, cheers.
*Superhero movies aren't being considered otherwise this list would be far to filled with the genre due to my love of them. I have left comments on a few movies but not all. Im staying away from hard sci-fi films (star wars, alien) and war movies.
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yo, just tell me which ones you watch and Ill add more depending on which ones you liked and which ones you didnt...please at least flick through the list... it took me a few minute to put together :) cheers
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Here all the films I've seen this year and my rating of them.
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There are a few films which are in the 7-8.0 rating on IMDb (and one or two that are shamefully lower) which I think deserve to be in the Top 250. You may agree, you may disagree, but feel free to tell me some I'm missing, or if I over-rate the films on this list. This list is in no particular order.
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This is my list of what I think the top 20 superhero films are.
My comments are there, please feel free to comment and give me suggestions/movies i might have missed.
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These are, in my opinion, the best animated films of all time.
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These are my top 25 actors of the last 15 years and my favourite 2 films of theirs.

not on this list but honorable mention to heath ledger whose performance as the joker is my favourite of all time. I just wish he had been alive longer to give more performances like that.