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Hey Watch This (2010) (V)
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Sadly, the duo have not aged well, 25 June 2010

Although I love some of their movies, I've always felt like Cheech & Chong's stand up routines are lewd, tasteless and don't compare to other comedians of their era. Their "stoners on a journey" schtick has made for some hilarious comedies, but in my opinion does not translate well to the stage.Richard Pryor, for example, was as vulgar as they come, but he was able to add substance and some biting social commentary to his act. C&C, on the other hand, just do vulgarity for vulgarity's sake. This movie was more or less a bad remake of a horrible concert movie, 1983's "Still Smokin". Unless you're a huge C&C fan, steer clear of this one. If you are a C&C newbie, I would recommend watching "Up in Smoke" instead.

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Very stupid, but it has it's moments, 16 July 2004

If you're looking for a funny flick that also has some intellectual stimulation, look elsewhere. If you reduce yourself to wanting some mindless entertainment, then Anchorman is right up your alley. Basically, it's a romp through a 70's newsroom, where a hotshot reporter has to contend with an up and coming female contender to his throne. Very cheesy, and most of the gags in this one are either ho-hum or just outright stupid. But there were a few genuinely funny moments that kept me tuned in. Steven Carell really shines as one of Ferrell's dimwitted sidekicks. I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan; his off-beat brand of humor has never really did it for me. But it seemed to fit in just fine here. Overall, I would say not worth full admission price; wait til it hits your local video store.