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Fine Disney family film., 9 November 2003

Of all the made for TV Disney movies that came out recently, this is one of the best. Keira Knightley is fine as the daughter of Robin Hood, and Malcolm McDowell is fine as the sheriff of Nottingham. Like all the made for TV movies though, the film is somewhat too flat to make it a real movie, but Keira and crew do it justice.

Check it out.

Lack of Diesel makes this film drive much faster., 9 November 2003

Very good sequel put more miles on stupidity than a story but manages to be better than the first. Paul Walker is fine and the stuns are good but it suffers from the same low mileage of the first film. One of the better things here is , Tyrese Gibosn and I hope if there is a third film, that he is in it, because he really made this film better than it needed to be with fun performance that was even better than Vin Diesel and Paul Walker put together.

Worth a rental.