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100 march 7
200 may 21
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A work in progress. I've noted a profusion of violent, guy movies and Pam Grier It's very hard to explain why some movies become personal favs and others don't.
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Not the worst movies I've ever seen. These are movies that I think are over rated, that made me angry, or that I thought would be better. After number one, not in any order.
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All the scary movies that I've rated 7 and above. I'd feel comfortable recommending all of these films. Will update as watched. After Top Ten, list isn't in any order. Most are pretty well known
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just a bunch of movies that I seem to like more than their IMDB ratings. Please note that an intentionally or un-intentionally very bad movie can be a quite enjoyable and watchable movie.
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Movies featured on the We Hate Movies podcast. It's really funny, try it on ITunes.
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Irish movies to watch
Will any of them not have Colm Meaney or Brendan Gleeson?
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A whole bunch of crazy movies I need to watch plus a couple classics to fall back upon.
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January is all about relaxin the brain after the joy of the hellidays.
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Trying to keep track of how many movies I watch in a year
March 21, breaks 100. July 3 - 200. October 25 - 300.
Seem to watch 2 new for 1 rewatch.
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the joy of movies and indeed the world itself lays in "variety". I am 45 yrs old currently and have made it a point of honor never to watch a movie that I don't want to watch, especially if it is the sort of ultra mainstream, feed to the masses, happy ending/feel good BS classic movies that so many brain dead idiots love to love. Don't watch any of these movies, your soul will thank you. Fight the Power!
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These are the the obnoxious *beep* who ruin a movie for me. Not that many, really.
in rough order
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20 All Time, seen em a whole bunch, love every minute of, and cherish forever. I really love horror movies but I don't tend to rewatch them as much as soul restoring dramedys etc... A smart movie expert\psychologist could work up a whole life history/psych profile from this list. In no order.
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A Month full of horror for my girlfriend and me. Bliss.
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Each year at halloween my girlfriend and I spend 4 days !2 Weekends) watching great movies. Each day has EIGHT movies. I try to make each day a seperate mood, building in intensity from day one through day four. Not for Kids. Last year was a blast. I wait all year for this scare fest