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Good midnight entertainment..., 5 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing Michael Jai White in «Undisputed 2» getting head to head with Scott Adkins, I am sure many were extremely impatient for his next upcoming movie Blood and Bone. And here it is! Blood and Bone is a simple story of an ex-con Bone (White) who keeps his promise to find his friend's wife and kid when he gets out. Since the friend got butchered in the prison, Bone has a personal score to settle. And boy, he settles it…

For all you martial art fans – this is the movie to watch. It does not have as much fights as «Undisputed 2» had, but offers better acting (special thanks to ex Warlock – Julian Sands, and Eamonn Walker), and more drama. This is what this movie is – a drama with martial arts. As for the fights, and whats more important, people who fight – there's plenty. There's Kimbo Slice, Maurice Smith (from the «Bloodfist 2» fame), Matt Mullins, Bob Sapp, Gene LeBell, hell even Bob Wall from Enter the Dragon as «O'Hara»(!!!), what else could you ask for?

Anyway, if you like martial arts – watch this. Its worth it. If you like Michael Jai White – watch this, he gets to fight, to act and looks very cool. If you've seen Channing Tatum's «Fighting» and thought it wasn't good enough – again, watch this. Lower budget, but better understanding of action, better martial arts and lots of familiar faces. Good midnight entertainment.

The Terminators (2009) (V)
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For what is is.....its watchable, 1 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I started watching this, knowing that this was made by Asylym, and to be honest, it was not all that bad. Yes, the movie has CGI, but its not overloaded with it, and honestly this is one of the better Asylym films i've seen.

Acting is okay, Paul Logan looks really cool and believable as the TR, he has the look, he's ripped, and does a fairly good job. A Martinez, whom i remember only from Santa Barbara has aged well, and is actually a good actor, well he was acting okay, before the end of the film. Jeremy London looks pale, and unconvincing.

Special effects are really good, music is okay too. Of course this is nowhere near the Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator trilogy, or the new C. Bale vehicle, but still one of the better sci-fi movies of Asylym. Waaaay better than Universal Soldiers for example. Give it a look.

Driven to Kill (2009) (V)
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Who are you if you watch this?, 30 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seriously. If you are an American who knows Russian, you will probably have mixed feelings after watching this. If you are Russian, and you happen to know English, do yourself a favor and watch this in English. You'll probably end up on the floor laughing.

Steven is absolutely hilarious in this one. No, i am not talking about his Russian yet. First of all we actually get to see him RUN...yes, he does run for like 10 seconds or so, himself, so try to imagine that. Yes, he looks old, even wider than in Urban Justice. Fights are... well in KillSwitch we actually see Steven fight through fast here we don't even get that.

After watching this i understand why they dub Seagal's voice... in this movie he isn't dubbed - he talks with his own voice the whole time...which is the problem - you sometimes simply cant understand what the .... is he saying! The absolute finish is the Russian language in this film. This is supposed to be Russian mafia....not gangsters. Whoever was a technical adviser for this movie - you failed miserably. I am talking about Russian language only, people don't talk like that, and especially former Russian mafia. For God's sake they don't say "Do Svidania" to their family or brothers! They don't talk in English between themselves if they speak Russian fluently.

As for the film itself - shaky camera work, strange mix of music (which starts to frustrate the more you watch), stupid subtitles (why did not they use subtitles every time someone speaks in Russian??? instead they use it only 2 times throughout the whole film, and the rest remains untranslated)...

To sum it up - this is slightly better (funnier) than Attack Force, and a lot worse than Urban Justice and KillSwitch.

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First killer was unpredictable. This one is unstoppable, 2 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When i first saw the poster for this movie, i knew this movie simply "CAN NOT" be bad. Relentless 2 has a great tag line - "First killer was unpredictable. This one is unstoppable". Thats pretty much is true. Miles O'Keeffe looks like a new terminator model on that poster, so i decided give this crime thriller a try.

To make it short: If you liked the first Relentless (directed by William Lustig), you will like this one too. A huge improvement over the first is the villain. Basically, Miles O'Keeffe steals this movie with his murderous Russian Specnaz character Gregor. Killer from the first movie Bud would be ripped apart by Gregor. O'Keeffe's character doesn't talk, doest blink, doesn't move a muscle on his face, all he does is killing. Leo Rossi returns as a likable but mostly helpless detective Sam Dietz, assigned on the case of the murders.

What i liked is that Meg Foster was brought back as Rossi's wife (there's also a cameo of a photograph with Rossi and Robert Loggia from the first movie), and the music is a perfect fit for the film. So, if you like crime thrillers, give this a try. If you want to see one of the better cold-blooded killer performances, also watch this movie. And, if you are a Miles O'Keeffe fan - by all means go watch this movie!

Submerged (2000)
Could have been worse...., 26 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Submerged" is definitely NOT "the worst movie ever". It does have its flaws, such as borrowed footage, crazy script and non-existent special effects (these are the worst), but it also has some good points too. The acting is surprisingly good, there are LOTS of familiar faces whom you probably know if u're a b-movie fan like me.

I was very glad to see Brent Huff playing one of the heroes, knowing him mostly for his 80's action films, and i must admit, he is not a bad actor at all. Fred Williamson, Maxwell Caulfield & Tim Thomerson get some limited screen time, but are believable in their parts. The "eye-candies" in this Fred Olen Ray movie are Yvette Nipar and Nicole Eggert, both looking very sexy and very mean. Michael Bailey Smith adds some muscle to the background as a Navy SEAL. Unfortunately the only cast member who (in my opinion) is completely out of place is Coolio. He doesn't act at all, talks like he didn't even read the script, and being a badass in the beginning of the movie, gets shot like a wimp a hour later. Not a good choice.

To sum this movie up - this is not such a bad choice for late night entertainment. If you can get over the special effects thing (so many guns, so much fire, and not a single wound on anyone), Coolio's annoying performance, and the recycled footage from Airport 77, you might like this no-brainer after all.

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Tricks of Yossi...., 22 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, a question to you - have you ever seen any of Yossi Wein movies? If no, then you might end up liking "Merchant of Death". Michael Pare looks tough enough, portraying a likable hero, and Linda Hoffman in my opinion? is very cute looking doctor, who is trying to help Pare with his problems.

Now, if you are familiar with Y. Wein's work.... you'll probably be angry as hell, and end up throwing your notebook away or breaking your DVD player in half. Because about 40-45% of this movie is EDITED from 4-5 other Yossi Wein movies. I kid you not. Footage from Cyborg Cop 3 (1996), Cyborg Cop (1993), Project Shadowchaser 4 (1996), Warhead (1996) and Never Day Die (1994) was used for almost ALL action scenes, except for those when we see Pare running / shooting or talking.

I don't know whether this was done because of budget constraints, or pure laziness, but i was really upset with this effort. They probably could afford Michael Pare for only 1-2 days, so they shot the needed scenes and added everything else later. Due to bad editing, you can actually see other actors (Frank Zagarino from Shadowchaser 4 footage, B. Genesse in a car chase from Cyborg Cop 3, old warehouse shootout from Cyborg Cop, etc) in the footage used here. So, if you haven't seen any of the movies mentioned here, you will probably like this no-brainer. Otherwise, please avoid it.

I should have expected this from David Huey..., 20 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is your typical action movie, starring former kick-boxing champion Olivier Gruner as a SWAT team's leader. The only other well known cast member is Mel Novak, whom i liked very much in this awful movie. The story is full of cliché's, fighting scenes are bad, i mean really bad. David Huey (directed and also wrote this) doesn't seem to know how to use his actors. I mean, he has Gruner, Ron Hall and Gerald Okamura. Ron Hall is known for his martial-arts skills from Bloodsport 2, and Okamura has been in lots of low-budget martial-arts movies. The only one of the three who gets into the fights is Gruner. What a waste.

The movie is full of unnecessary idiotic dubbing (Gruner is being dubbed for a couple of minutes), some parts of the movie were completely dubbed, as if Huey was shooting them with sound turned off. Like i said, the only worthy actor in this movie is Mel Novak. He is actually the only one who is trying to ACT. Everyone else is pretty much awful. 60% of the cast seemed to be picked up from the streets to act in this film.

So if you're looking for an action movie, look for something else. Because with this, you will fall asleep in just 20-25 minutes. This is only worth for die-hard Olivier Gruner fans. I bet Gruner really regrets being in this movie.

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A very rare movie, in almost every sense..., 20 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a die-hard Matthias Hues fan, i was really happy to track down a copy of this rare post-apocalyptic action movie. The story is nothing new, you've probably seen it thousand times before. Compared to most of David Prior's films, Hostile Environment seems to be made on an even lower budget, but with a surprisingly good list of b-movie actors (including Chris Kriesa, Voyo Goric and Grant James).

Matthias Hues proved (at least to me) that he can be a leading man, who has charisma, he looks good on screen, and can kick some serious ass. Darren Shahlavi is a good addition, as a brother of the great looking Jennifer (Rochelle Swanson), who gets kidnapped by Minna (Brigitte Nielsen). Also lookout for Ted Prior (director's brother), who has an uncredited cameo as "the running man" in the beginning of the movie.

Good points of this movie - Solid, well-known b-movie faces, some good fights, Matthias Hues as a likable, fighting-machine of a hero.

Bad points of this movie - Weak script, awful editing (which affects fighting scenes and shootout scenes a lot).

All in all, this is almost gold for B-movie lovers. If u're tired of seeing M. Hues getting beaten and killed in most of his movies, you'll be pleasantly surprised here. Darren Shahlavi shows his awesome fighting skills, and Brigitte Nielsen proves ones again that she is better suited for the villain roles.

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and here we go..., 21 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well first of all, if you don't know who Gary Daniels is, or you are not one of his fans - by all means do not watch this movie. This is a low-budget action/sci-fi movie about a squad of treasure hunters who get trapped inside of an Alcatraz prison, and hunted down by a reptilian creature...

Gary Daniels himself stated that he made this movie because the producer was a friend of his. So basically, this movie has no other qualities besides Daniels, who gets to fight the monster, showing some cool amazing martial-art skills for his age.

Everything else is quite awful - the acting, the music, the sets, the effects, the monster.... So, there you go - if you are not a die hard Gary D fan - avoid this movie at all costs.

Zombiegeddon (2003) (V)
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ZombieGeddon..., 4 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before seeing this movie, i did expect it to be a no budget "so bad its good" zombie flick. What i saw was a lot worse. First of all Zombiegeddon has a very dull script - Lord Zombie (William Smith) is creating human-like zombies and sends them to Earth. This is just pathetic. I don't understand why in hell did people like Edwin Neal, Tom Savini, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose, Linnea Quigley, Robert Z'Dar and Joe Estevez even appear in this movie. Edwin Neal plays God. Tom Savini plays Jesus Crist. Robert Z'Dar appears for only 5 mins, and even makes fun of his own cult movie The Maniac Cop !

The effects are cheap, and unrealistic. Awful soundtrack. The directing is even worse. Zombie make-up is none-existent. Some zombies are kickboxers, and kung-fu fighters. The acting is beyond bad. In the beginning of the movie, director Uwe Boll tells us not to watch this movie, because its bad. Well after seeing Zombiegeddon i'll have to admit, he was right. His House of the Dead was better than this.

So, to sum it up - don't watch this movie. Its really that bad. And believe me, i've seen bad movies. This one is worse than Zombie Lake, Flesheaters, Bloodeaters, Meat Market, Redneck Zombies, Bone Sickness...etc. All of the B-movie stars listed above appear for only a couple of minutes each. Other actors are absolutely awful. The movie isn't funny, isn't scary, isn't interesting, isn't shocking. The only movie i can think of right now, that is worse than Zombiegeddon is probably Zombiez. 1/10

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