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A list of my favorite voice-over actors of all time.
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Starting with the first one I've seen as a kid to the latest one. Excluding those two, these may not be in chronological order. So far, 1995 holds the record for the most movies having been seen by me in one year (eight).
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The shows whose theme songs you can't help but hum.
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Some of the most memorable voices you ever heard, most of them being men. This is not to be confused with my voice actors list.
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TV movies that I like due to their interest, true crime factor or just a guilty pleasure. I will include if the film is known by an alternate title, the channel from where I first viewed it, even if it's not the channel that originally aired the movie and if it still can be seen on television.
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Singers whose voices that I absolutely love.
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Great TV Dads throughout the years
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A listing of my favorite guest stars from the second L&O spinoff.
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Favorite guest stars from the first of the L &O sister shows.
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My favorite actors and actresses in the Law & Order Universe, all incarnations seen by me, from the Mothership to the UK version.
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My favorite guest stars on the original Law & Order series. Keep in mind that just because I have listed the actor doesn't mean I particularly care for the episode they were featured in. I will place an (*) next to a favorite episode of mine.
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My favorite stand-up comedians.
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My listing for my favorite famous people from our famous neighbor to the North.
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Actors in the biz who stand over 6'3".
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People with dimples, like me. :)
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My all-time favorites. A real mixed bag of favorites.
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To all the shows I have loved before...
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You can get lost looking into them.
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Their compositions are simply beautiful
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Great TV Moms throughout the years
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My all-time favorite mean girls from movies and TV shows.
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Headshots that include the unique, the sexy and just downright captivating.
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Cool people who lent their voices to TV's Favorite Animated Family.