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A Different Horror...Among the routine Thrillers, 1 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Story: 3 guys who live a miserable, fateful life, that see's no end to their woes, on a night drop by a haunted mansion known as Demonte Colony. Legend says that a Portuguese landlord, in revenge for his wife's terminal illness, he suspects and starts killing all the Indian Servants in his household, and when people from the neighboring village comes to take revenge, he destroys the entire household along with him and his wife.

But one of the characters who took his 3 friends to the haunted house, finds the necklace used by Demonte's wife, and steals it as it is precious and it's worth in current market for 10 million rupees or more..

But happens with them after the robbery, kills them at the end, except for Sajith A.K.A sappa who delivers the chain back at Demonte's colony, which is why he survived and srini who escaped through the window passed away..coz he broke the rule to escape and he didn't return the chain ...


Brilliant Screenplay.. Excellent Cinematography...According to the budget given Thrilling Storyline, Excellent twists in the story...several unexpected sequences. Excellent Direction...well directed by a newcomer...Interesting show of level design and the background of the movie.

Brilliant thinking in making the character's house as the haunted location, making the necklace the source of the haunting.

Great acting shown by the main character and the comedian.

Focus was well given to the haunting rather than on the main character.

Removed all unnecessary factors and focused only on the main story No heroines, side story, extra stuff

Cons: BGM wasn't that effective, maybe due to budget, but movies such as pizza , which had excellent BGM.

VFX was also on the average..

2 extra characters was really not effective except at the end.

Overall: A brilliant movie in the routine boring Horror Genre of Tamil Cinema, this movie makes sense how money is not required heavily to direct a good horror story.


Cheers, Max

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Interesting story !!! A Noble Gangster !!, 27 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Businessman: Guns don't need Agreement"...!!!!! (Telugu) movie Staring the current Superstar of Tollywood: Mahesh Babu & Kajal Agarwal !! directed by Puri Jagannadh !!! I must say this was a more intense and Interesting movie than the previous movie which the duo did called Pokkiri !!

Positive points of this movie:

Super Story :

Simple yet well presented !!


Well scripted Characters: loved Mahesh Babu's intense eyes as a serious & angry person !!! Must say, that it was more intense than his character in Pokkiri !! Other characters were good too especially Bramaji's character !! The punch duologue's by Mahesh were just Cool and stylish !!!

Stunning Action :

The fight sequence for this movie was Amazing !! Loved the Action, not to violent yet quite entertaining !! Fights was done by master Vijay !! hilarious !! Shiyaji Shinde was at his best hilarious person !! Loved his Character !!!


Music was a big plus for this movie as S.S Thaman developed such stylish Techno classical music for this movie, that was short and crisp and melodious !! Esp: Sir Ostara and Chandamama Navve were just so nice to hear and it was well composed !! The item song lyrics was hilarious !! But Bad Boyz was a cool song made sense because your seeing an item song !! Overall for the Music , S.S Thaman has done it again for Mahesh Babu after Dookudu !!

Romantic scenes:

At first I would have to admit that it was weird how the hero introduces himself to the heroine by blaming her unnecessarily !! But later on it was quite intriguing whether the hero really loved the heroine or he was using her for his objective !!

Cinematography and Screenplay:

Puri does it again after Pokkiri, well chosen locations, great story , always interesting to listen, no wonder he is my favorite director. Well directed movie overall and good to see the duo Mahesh and Puri working together, as they share a good friendship outside their work based atmosphere. !!

Negative Points for this movie:


Though the story was good, yet it was really simple and short, could have worked on the story more, got to say that this story is no match to Sreenu Vaitla's Dookudu !! That movie is just describable in one word: Epic !! Puri seemed to have rushed himself in making this script !!! could have used more of his time giving a finishing touch to this movie !!

Negative roles:

I personally felt that the Negative roles didn't influence the story very much !! It was purely Hero based script making the hero seem immortal !!?! Confusion about the characters whether they were good or bad, though it was clarified in the 2nd half of the movie after Intermission !!

Dialogues & Songs:

I understand that this was a Gangster based movie, but didn't get the point why the hero and other characters had to swear a lot ?! Especially when Mahesh Babu was swearing at the actress and other people without respect ?!!! No wonder the movie was given a "A" certificate rating !!!?! and lots of stuff were censored !!

I don't get why the director prefers his heroines over-exposing for his movies Unnecessarily ?!! The movie didn't need anything like that yet intense romantic scenes were needed ?!! If he is reading this he better work on this matter !!!


There wasn't any comedian in the movie that gave any sort of entertainment, Generally a serious film. !! I feel that's alright but it would have given some entertainment to the audience if some small parts of comedy scenes were shown in this movie !!!


Overall Nice movie to watch, after Dookudu this is the next best movie to watch !!! Must say that Superstar Prince Mahesh Babu is reigning Superstar of the Tollywood Industry !! I believe all the controversial news about Mahesh Babu's movie showing fake collections is false as i have seen the movie and must say that it is possible to get such a collection !!! Let's see whether he can make a hat trick with his 3rd movie !!! Watch it , those who know Telugu !!!

Rating : 4/5 !!!

Panjaa (2011)
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Stylish & Cool Action movie to watch !, 4 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Finally watched Panjaa (Telugu) staring Pawan Kalyan & Sarah Jane Dias !!! Overall rating 3/5 !!!

Positive Points of the movie :

Cinematography ,

Direction, Stunt and Action Sequences ,

Locations for the movie ,

done in West Bengal and parts of South India !, Music is the key factor for elevating the movie's collection, well shot locations for the songs ! The main theme song Panjaa has been changed in the DVD as the Introduction song which lot of people complained for seeing the song in the Theater being played after the movie finished ! now they have changed the song's position as the Intro song !!!

Power Star Pawan kalyan has done justice to his role and played it very well !! Then the Bad guys meaning the Villains were the second best part of the movie as they were really evil !!! Other cast including Jackie Shroff and Munna played by Adivi Sesh were the most powerful characters in the movie, loved the Australia accent that Sesh did !!! He was so bad in the movie, felt like killing him all the time, as he was a Drug addict !!!

Tanikella Bharani was at his best playing the sneaky and sly fellow who will do anything for money !!!

Comedy was one of the best parts of the movie, Brahmanandam and Ali have done there comedy very well and Subaraju as a supporting actor suited him very well than his villain roles !!!

Negative Points of the movie:


Key part, WHERE IS THE GOD-DAMN STORY !!!?!!! the 1st part of the movie looked like a slide show, as each and every character appeared from Oblivion and just got mashed up in the story, though it was explained clearly in the 2nd half, preferred the 1st half to the 2nd half of the movie as it was interesting to watch !!!

Cast, esp the Actresses played by Sarah Jane Dias and Anjali Lavania respectfully !

Didn't like their roles , one was a club dancer (A.L) and the other was a Green Peace activist and Biochemist ! Doesn't make sense how a hit-man like Jai (Pawan kalyan ) comes to know them, one is like his sister but flirts with him always and the other was a friend and then a lover ?!!! WHat !?!!! Seriously ?!!! Lol !!!

Pawan Kalyan's dance in the theme song was really funny and his comedy with Ali was exaggerated !!

Generally the movie is extremely Sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every person close to Power Star Pawan Kalyan gets killed in some or other way , what a miserable story ?!!! Probably if it wasn't so Sad , the movie would have been a bigger hit !!! Totally Different from the way the director Vishnu Vardhan would take a movie !!!


Anyways it is still a different and stylish movie to see, and it in no way is like Balu (2005) Telugu movie of Pawan Kalyan !!! Different type of movie , truly a trend-setter of the Tollywood Industry !!

Super (2005)
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The Biker's story !, 3 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Puri Jagannath is known for his stories that are unusual but very interesting to watch. This is one story that is not a normal story to tell. It is more of a Hollywood story to be precise.The Main actor was played by Akkineni Nagarjuna and the supporting actor was played by Sonu Sood. This is Anushkha shetty's debut film and this is also Ayesha Takia's first Telugu film. Story and screenplay was normal but not up to it's mark as we expect from a director like Puri Jagannath. Ayesha Takia acted quite well as a heroine and she acted more freely than her Hindi movies!

The movie's main success came from it's music which was done by Nagarjuna's best friend Sandeep Chowta. The music like Mila Mila sung by Anuskha Manchandani and Gichi Gichi sung by Udit Narayan and Soumya are quite famous even now !

The movie's music album stood for weeks in the top charts that was a big factor for the movies fame !!

This is one of the rare movies where we see Sonu Sood playing as a Supporting actor than a negative role! He has done a great job which showed that he can do other roles than playing negative roles which he usually does. Anushkha Shetty's role in this movie helped her gain stardom in the tollywood industry where she is seen in many movies now !

The story is mainly about Nagarjuna who owns a call-cab service and he is also a bike racer. In an incident he meets Ayesha Takia who is a doctor and falls in love with her, but we see that she has a foster brother Sonu Sood who is a professional robber but previously used to work for Ayesha Takia's father. He helps them when they fell into bad problems that they could not take care of themselves. But when Sonu Sood comes to know about Nagarjuna's relationship with Ayesha Takia, he disapproves of it because of his enmity towards Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna relates his life story to Ayesha Takia how he knew Sonu Sood and his sister Anushkha Shetty and why Sonu Sood blames Nagarjuna for his sister's death because Nagarjuna didn't approve Anushkha's love for him. There is a twist in the story in the 2nd half as Nagarjuna finds out that Sonu Sood sister was actually murdered by the biker's club goons. The rest of story is how Nagarjuna and Sonu Sood takes revenge on the goons by first doing a robbery as the goons were keeping Ayesha Takia as captive and then how Nagarjuna kills the goons and Sonu Sood rescues Ayesha Takia!!

In Conclusion this is a new and unusual movie than the routine Indian movies we see. This is again a blockbuster movie by Puri Jaagannath after movies like Badri and Idiot. Cinematography and stunt scenes were excellent as well as the choreography that was well suited for the music !!

A must watch film.

Paiyaa (2010)
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Epic Love story !, 2 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is an epic love story that happens in the 21st century, unlike the usual movies where the guy goes to the girls house and they decline his proposal and all kinds of things happens where the lover becomes a hero to fight off the bad guys for his love sake !!! I know it's a classic movie story but anyways this movie is totally different that shows how a jobless guy falls in love with a girl who he has seen getting into the bus !! But destiny brings them together again and again until she asks for his help to get away from her family who compel her to marry someone else.Then the whole movie is about their Road trip and what occurs during that trip where both share their secrets and eventually they have feeling for each other, finally we see how their love story comes to a happy ending . The story was well scripted and the screenplay was great. Don't forget the music as it played a key role in this movie for it's success !! N. Linguswamy is known as a very successful director and proves it again with a new story-line that has caught the hearts of many people. Overall this is a great movie to watch !!! The most interesting part I felt in this movie was when we find out that there wasn't just enemies following the girl but also bad guys following the guy for the ruckus he caused in Mumbai. The acting done by Karthi and Tamannaah were excellent. After hits like Bheema and Sandakozhi this is the next epic movie to watch!!!