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It's the year of 2017. The way of action films keeps evolve...or is it? We'll see about that.
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Included a series of action packed films yet hit & blast collection of the year
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From Star Wars to Star Trek, a limitless list of sci-fi classic, cult and fantasy feature films set in space dimension
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This is a list that contains numerous sci-fi film titles from which i think it is watchable and should recommended, and also features enjoyable flicks!!!
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The most anticipated action films in 2015!
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Contain plethora of films that shown in 2011.
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Features all 2010's big hit action films!
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Contains action plus thriller adventure sci-fi films in 2014.
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This list contains films set in ancient period where swords and shields are used widely in this era.
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For 18 years old and above only movies!Hip and scary!
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And they are very bad enough to kill u!
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Every movie has a hero...this list have them all! The greatest hardcore man ever....!
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Althought it is a list by Schneider, this is my opinion by chosen the ultimate must see films from his list. And a guilty reminder of just how many great movies have been made and never seen yet~
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with the finest war films of all time high...
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One of my wish list which includes movies I haven't seen before yet...
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My personal favourite action movies which are all awesome !
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"Revenge is a dish, best serve cold."
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Nowadays in Hollywood, there are too many remake of films and it seems that the ideas of making a new storyline film is totally a bit only that can work it out... But if someone said it was not true, i deny it!
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cult film ever make since....
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Most of them are made an appearance on his movies !