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My favorite current directors! Their movies, from first to worst.
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The Movies that should have won the Oscar for Best Picture, starting with 2010 and going backwards. I am limiting myself to English language movies, because that is in essence what Oscar does. Only if Oscar has recognized the foreign film with important nominations beyond the foreign film category do I use a foreign film.
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One of the many virtues of the Coens is their inclusion of memorable side characters. Somewhat below supporting, but still memorable. Here are my favorites:
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Just really have to take place during the period from, say, Thanksgiving and New Years' Day, and make the holidays a significant thematic element, in my view.
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The Alfred Hitchcock movies I have seen, from first to worst!
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My favorite director: Billy Wilder. All the movies of his I have seen, from first to worst.
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In honor of Mother's Day, and to counteract that crappy one from imdb's editors, a not entirely in order, in fact except for the first couple pretty random, list of some of my most memorable movie mothers. Not necessarily mothers I would want, mind you.
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Well, self explanatory: These are the best movies set, in large part, in each US State, plus the District of Columbia. No film can represent two states. "Best" and "set in" are my call.
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Not in any real order, except as the occur to me, though those nearest the top are generally my favorites.

I also cite my favorite performance and movie for each.
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According to me! I consider a movie a "comedy" only if it is primarily istyled that way. Fargo, for instance, mae me laugh a lot - more than most alleged comedies - but that was not its primary style. A film can be rather serious (man) and still be stylistically comic.

Satire counts as comedy.
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Just the ones I've seen, of course.
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20 great directors that mean the most to me. The order, especially after the first two, is rather fluid and not in order.

I am aware there are 21 names on the list.

And yes, fewer current directors. I need more history from people like del Toro, prefer to wait until Paul Thomas Anderson produces the truly great movie I just know he has in him, and am ambivalent at best about Tarantio, Fincher and - especially - Nolan. And good god, don't get me started on Lynch.
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What makes a war movie, for purposes of this list? The war must be more than a mere backdrop to a part of the story, but an integral part of the whole, or the focus of a part of it. A battle scene helps, but is not necessary. Men in uniforms are a must. Fantasy movies with battles are out. Hope that's clear, though why I include Casablanca and not Gone With the Wind is a mystery even to me. Not to mention Pan's Labyrinth, or Manchurian Candidate, or Schindler's List, or Fort Apache. Maybe it is just sort of arbitrary.
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The fifty greatest English language movies of my lifetime!
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The best movies starring people over 70? Seriously, what do you THINK it is?
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The twenty best movies with cities in their titles.