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...erm, 13 January 2004

When I first saw this I thought it was some kind of oddball American Sketch Show. It dawned on me that it wasn' this all you have to do to get on TV nowadays? His parents must be insane. It made me cringe and I very nearly fell asleep, I'd rather decapitate myself than watch another episode.

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A great Dickens adaptation, 16 January 2004

I'm really really fussy about Dickens adaptations, Nicholas Nickleby has been a favourite book of mine for years and years. But this one was brilliant, James D'Arcy was the perfect Nicholas and Sophia Miles was a perfect Kate. James D'Arcy and Charles Dance really suit Period Dramas, they make them believable. The casting, the script and costumes = fabulous. It's turned into one of my favourite Period Dramas & frankly, compared to the newest Nicholas Nickleby (the film)'s just a masterpiece. Give me ITV English Dramas any day!

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Best British Comedy since Fawlty Towers, 8 February 2004

I did not understand the previous comment ...

'Fun British comedy, however it must not have done very well in England because I know there are very few episodes. Or perhaps this is the norm in Britain? Anyways, it's definitely worth a look, but the fake laugh track is fairly grating.'

It's huge in England and the laugh track isn't fake, it's an actual audience.

I love this show, it's the best British Comedy since Fawlty Towers!